Jessica Paszka delights fans with a revealing bed photo

Jessica Paszka delights fans with a revealing bed photo

A spicy peek at Jessica Paszka’s bedroom. Anyone who’s always wondered what a former Bachelorette’s pajamas look like will be disappointed. She sleeps naked and shows a picture of him.

As Bachelorette twisted Jessica Paszka Single men head on TV. She is now in steady hands and is with the former Dome Show participant. johannes haller married. He already has a daughter. And the young mother can still pose. Or rather: on the sheet. A new photo on Paszkas instagramThe profile reveals that the 31-year-old is apparently a naked sleeper.

Life as a young mother can be stressful. You have to hit yourself on the ear from time to time. This is what it is from the former rose lady RTL It’s done now. As soon as God made her, she lay on the bed. However, his chest and buttocks are – at least partially – covered with white bedclothes. She writes about the picture Nakedei: “Mom has to catch up.”

You can probably guess what the comments look like at the bottom of the picture. Her husband Johannes writes about the “mama” photo, including the three flame emoji. ,Sat.1-Breakfast TV” presenter marlene lufen Is also totally over the moon: “But it’s a hot mom that rattles!”

Subscribers criticize the photo

However, some users find that Jessica shows too much skin. “Should it really be?” A user asks. Another user asks himself: “Will a man who loves his wife allow him to do something like this? That all men can see his wife that way? I don’t think so.” After all, Johannes was marked in the photo, which is why one can assume that he is the photographer in the bedroom.

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But the number of these critical voices is clearly small. Several other users sent heart and flame emoji in the comment column. Within hours, the substance-free post was flagged on the social media platform with nearly 60,000 likes.

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