Fans mocked moderator Andrea Kiwell for her performance

Fans mocked moderator Andrea Kiwell for her performance

Andrea Kievel hugs Lutz van der Horst in the pool.Pic: ZDF Screenshot

With summer temperatures approaching, it came at exactly the right time for Andrea Kievel that the August 7 edition of “Fernsgarten” planned to pour pools. DJ Robin and Schurz (“Layla”) caused a stir last week, this time it wasn’t the musical acts that were in the foreground.

At the start of the show, Lutz van der Horst, co-operator of Kiwell, was asked to practice water performances with synchronized swimmers Maria and Dana. However, the 57-year-old herself jumped into the pool in full gear – and violently flirted with her colleagues.

Andrea Kiwell gets up close and personal at ZDF “Fernsgarten”.

Even jumping into the cold water came as a surprise to onlookers, but it was only after that that things got really furious: Kievel hugged van der Horst, kissed him and finally put his feet in the water around his neck.

all action on social media Surprisingly no comment. This user is brief and simply writes: “This is uncomfortable. I switch off.” The hashtag makes it clear that the comment refers to “TV Garden”.

This user also would have liked to do without the pool spectacle of a different kind: “Is that the sexual harassment Kiwi is doing out there?” Can be read in the following article. In defense of the presenter, however, it must be said that Lutz van der Horst played the game and apparently had no problems from a physical point of view.

Elsewhere it says: “Take a room!”

The scandal surrounding “Layla” or not: Andrea Kiwell often takes care of awkward “TV Garden” moments personally.

Keewell continues to medium in a wet dress

However, the trip to the pool also contained some “dangers” for Andrea Kiwell, after all, various TV cameras were pointed at her. “My panties!” He cried for a while in panic, but luckily nothing fell for him.

An additional problem for the presenter: after the pool action, she had to go through the program for another half hour, which she did in a wet dress. “My dress is sticky, you can see mine…”, she said, and somewhat resignedly: “I can’t change it”.

young man "television garden"The output proved to be a major challenge for Keywell.

In the end, the latest “TV Garden” version turned out to be a major challenge for Keywell.Image: / imago images

She was a little embarrassed in the end, especially since some in the audience pulled out their cell phones to get a snapshot of the soaked Keywell. “Don’t take pictures from behind!” he asked the audience.


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