Dieter Bohlen speaks simple language about his future: “It goes on like this”

Dieter Bohlen speaks simple language about his future: "It goes on like this"

Dieter Bohlen tells his fans on Instagram what he has been up to now. Image: Instagram / Dieter Bohlen

Dieter Bohlen speaks simple language about his future: “It goes on like this”

Hammer message that Dieter Bohlen After nearly 20 years of collaboration, “DSDS” will no longer play a role, leading to a major earthquake. “Big family show ‘Das Supertalent’ will also attract its audience Herbst Woo in front of the screen with new jury members and spectacular acts in 2021, ”the broadcaster said about two months ago. Actually, he was to sit on the jury chair for the last two live shows of “DSDS”, but due to illness he rejected the broadcaster. Thomas Gottschalk finally stepped in for him.

Following the announcement, Bohlen said: “RTL just wants to go in a new way, more family friendly. Such a revolutionary, who always rubbish like me, has no work now. “ Rumors have been rising since then about what the poptin is doing in the future.

Internet portal “HeavyRecently reported on the song “Aloha” by the band “Die Schlegerpiloten”. Bohlen is said to have composed it. However, the 67-year-old set up for it instagram Explicit: “I know Group Zero. I haven’t seen them, I haven’t made them and there’s nothing. The truth is: It’s an ancient song, I wrote it for fantasy hundreds of years ago.” After all, it has nothing to do with this whole matter. Now Dieter spoke again and this time clearly about his future plans.

Dieter Bohlen, his former home broadcaster RTL. Speak about

Dieter Bohlen published a video message that was difficult for his 1.6 million-plus Instagram subscribers under the title “So Wheat as Weiter”. It quickly became apparent that the producer was still on the sunny island of Mallorca. He finally said: “Yes, my friends, you guys are getting upset all the time, what are you doing now, why aren’t you on TV right now? Number one: I still have a very long contract with RTL. Well, I can’t do anything else at this time. “ And further:

“Number two: Of course, I want to relax a little like every year. I have big plans. I want to take my boat around Mallorca again, possibly even through Menorca, etc. So, take a little rest. . You can just wait a little bit. Dieter has to rest now and then. Okay and have a nice weekend. “

With respect to their contract details, “picture“Incidentally, in mid-March, Bohlen said he was receiving an annual salary of 2.5 million euros for his two formats on RTL. It would continue to be paid until 2022, even after he left RTL. On Instagram, his good friend and colleague Pietro Lombardi, with whom he had sat in the “DSDS” jury in the past, also expressed himself under Dieter’s post. “There will be wild things,” he wrote promisingly.

The fan In any case, Bohlen gave his declared leave and was happy that he was told of his plans. “You really deserve it, my dear. I wish you a wonderful weekend and best wishes”One customer commented.

One follower agreed: “You look well rested and fresh like a young spring, dear dieter. Enjoy precious time with your loved ones. You’ve worked endlessly over the years. This user has called it Looked like: “Enjoy your free time. You deserve it and you can afford it. It would be silly if you don’t do what you like.”


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