The Rolling Stones vs The Beatles: Jagger Shoots Back Against McCartney

The Rolling Stones vs The Beatles: Jagger Shoots Back Against McCartney

Attention Sir Paul McCartney (79), Mick Jagger (78) heard you and a message for you.

“They’re a blues cover band,” ex-Beatle McCartney said earlier this week in an interview with American magazine “The New Yorker” on what is probably the longest-lived rock group in the world – the Rolling Stones.

On Thursday, the Stones played at Sophie Stadium in Los Angeles. Frontman Jagger named the various celebrities in the audience. Contains: Megan Fox. Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio.

The singer then said with his huge grin, “Paul McCartney is here. He probably wants to join our blues cover band…” Jagger further avoided the verbal comeback coach.

However, his signal was clear: I read what you said about us. McCartney also called the Stones a little smaller than his Beatles in interviews: “Our network was bigger.”

Translated: The Stones were one-dimensional, just a band that played mostly blues pieces by others. The Beatles, on the other hand, were more creative and influential.

A 1967 photo: Paul McCartney (left) and Mick Jagger. The Beatles were born in Liverpool in 1960, the Stones were born two years later in London. Actually, there has never been any competition. But now Sir Paul open a barrel with StonesPhoto: Getty Images

In fact, the Stones frequently reprized Chuck Berry hits (Come On, Carol, Around and Around) in their first two years. But since their first hit, “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” (1965), Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards have composed their own songs.

This isn’t the first time that former Beatles ex-bassist and vocalist, who in interviews blamed guitarist and composer John Lennon for the Beatles’ breakup, has gossiped about the Stones.

In April 2020 he told New York radio host Howard Stern about Mick Jagger, guitarist Keith Richards, recently deceased drummer Charlie Watts & Co: “They have their roots in the blues. It always has something to do with the blues when they compose. We had more influence. I love stones. But the Beatles were better…”

Millions of Stones fans will see the final part very differently.

Incidentally, Jagger still competed confidently. He smiled at McCartney as “sweetheart” (something like: sweet darling).

Then he said intuitively: “Obviously there is no competition. The difference, however, is that the Rolling Stones have been a great concert and live band for decades, while the Beatles have never visited a single stadium with a decent sound system. We still do today.”


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