New dress: Ita doesn’t want to use the Alitalia brand — and changes colors

New dress: Ita doesn't want to use the Alitalia brand — and changes colors

The new Italian national airline will operate as ITA Airways – although it has secured trademark rights from Alitalia. She also showcases new beginnings with a new paint job on her jet.

90 million euros ITA Italia Tresporto Aereo paid to secure the Alitalia brand. At the last minute, the new Italian national airline was able to secure the traditional name. However, it will not use it, as ITA President Alfredo Altavila announced on Friday (October 15).

Until recently, it was not certain whether ITA would win the contract or whether another company would strike. was at the beginning of the week Ita Explains They Don’t Know What Name They’ll Begin With. And after the announcement of the purchase of the trademark rights, it was said that they would start as Alitalia. But now Altavilla has announced that it has been bought so that no competitor can justify the name. According to the ITA president, it is a brand that “can be none other than the country’s new national airline”.

a color from the game world

Hence ITA will operate as ITA Airways in future. Their planes have been in the air since Friday morning – but they still wear the old Alitalia colors. However, in the future, they will look completely different. Because ITA is introducing a new paint job. The fuselage of the plane turns sky blue. The Italian tricolor is embellished on the tail unit. And behind the front doors is the name in big white in big letters: Ita Airways.

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The blue color was not chosen by chance. It marks the beginning of a new era, but is also the “pride of the country” and is representative of the Italian sport and the national team. Because of their blue jersey, the Italian national team is called Azuri, Blues.

join the sky team

The new paint scheme will be introduced gradually. she will be on new A220, A320 Neo and A330 Neo It remains to be seen which Airbus will deliver to ITA. But new aircraft from leasing companies will also appear in blue.

Initially, ITA Airways will serve 44 destinations and 59 routes. In 2022, it is proposed to increase to 58 destinations and 74 routes and by 2025 to 74 destinations and 89 routes. Until a strategic partner is found, one will join SkyTeam and gradually offer codeshare flights with all members of the alliance, the airline said in a statement. The new frequent flyer programme, which was launched because the ITA was not allowed to take over the old Mille Miglia from Alitalia at the behest of the EU Commission, is called Volare.

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