Who’s out in episode 7?

Who's out in episode 7?

things wrong with julia

At the very beginning of her performance, Julia makes a small mistake. Although she is already visible to Coco Rocha and Heidi, she has yet to pose and is straightening her hair again. Something that the guest judge viewed negatively: “She’s not ready. I don’t like it when I can see the silhouette and she’s still walking. You have to hold your position,” criticizes Coco. The Canadian model also did not like the performance in the form of a doll. “She felt like she didn’t have a clear idea of ​​who her character was.”

Journey Julia. ends for

When it comes to judgment, she and her fellow campaigners Annalotta and Juliana are ahead of Heidi and Coco Rocha. “You were like this walk. It didn’t really tingle. Other people came up with more,” Heidi explains. Julia made an incredible amount. “But I can see 1,000 question marks in your head, I see your insecurities, it was too busy,” says the model boss. In the end it was not enough for Julia. One fact that horrified Viola: “If I must move on now, what do I do?” She asks, stunned and hugs Julia backstage.

In episode 7, two candidates have to go

Last week hasn’t been particularly good for any other model either. After her rather mediocre shoots, Laura B. “Thought of some creative things for my performance. Plus something other people don’t necessarily do.” But Heidi’s conclusion isn’t too positive: “I found it mixed.” Above all, she didn’t like posing away from herself and Coco: “I really don’t get it when models come back there.”

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Laura B. GNTM 2022 has also ended for

Along with Viola, Laura Bee has to face Heidi’s decision. “It wasn’t that easy with photo shoots, even compared to others,” Model Boss explains. She also points to the top model candidates: “You have to get used to the jury scrutinizing so closely. The music is playing there.” After elimination, Laura B also has to pack her bags.

You can see what’s next for the other models next Thursday, March 24 at 8:15 p.m. Joyn,

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