Laura Muller: “So Tremendous”: Gifts Sold! Now she’s speaking clearly

Laura Muller: "So Tremendous": Gifts Sold!  Now she's speaking clearly

She likes to surround herself with beautiful things and she loves everything that costs a lot of money. Noble lingerie, high-quality technology, and luxurious handbags are just a few of the expensive frills in the closet Laura Mullery (21) can be found. In other words, it is currently a bit empty compared to a few days ago. because the wife Michael Wendler (49) made a name for himself that surprised many. The 21-year-old sold four Louis Vuitton handbags on Instagram. Among other things, there are also models that they only last year. in advent calendar Found that Wendler made with so much love for you. But Laura did not like luxury goods at all. Or is the American suddenly in such dire need of coal of his own free will? Eventually, her action again draws enough critics on the tableau, who wonder why the 21-year-old suddenly wants to turn her coffers into money. especially when you consider bankruptcy rumors Just don’t want to tear it up about Michael Wendler and his beautiful wife. But what does Laura Muller have to say about her Versaball campaign on the Internet. A lot can be revealed: She thinks it’s “too obvious.”

What exactly does Wendler’s wife mean by how much money she made from their sales and what else does she tell about the campaign? You can find out in the video above.

Discussion about Michael Wendler’s Advent Calendar

But let’s go back to the calendar from which comes some of the treasures Laura Mueller has now sold to her fans. Because all kinds of speculations were being made about this too. Not only this, the question arises as to where did the alleged bankruptcy star get the money for the expensive gifts. The gifts themselves are also critically examined. Because it seems Michael Wendler hasn’t achieved everything for his great love. After all, Laura Muller proudly displayed “The Present” in 2019.

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