Emotional final speech: This is how Yasin Mohammed’s mother reacted

Emotional final speech: This is how Yasin Mohammed's mother reacted

yasin mohammed (30) Touched by many spectators on Wednesday evening! As the final episode of this year’s season Reality Stars Battle Screen flickered, beau stood still in the final, Before their former teammates could vote on who should win the show, all four finalists gave a campaign speech. as yasin When it was his turn, he talked about his single mother, to whom he wanted to give something back. Celebrity Flash Now he tells how he reacted to it.

“Of course I talked to my mother about it too,” said yasin in conversation with Celebrity Flash, The fact that she reported the family history on TV didn’t bother her at all — quite the contrary: “It touched her a lot and she was so proud of me!” He struck the perfect tone with his words in Saala.

The 30-year-old said that it hardly took him any effort to speak openly about such a serious subject in front of millions of viewers. “It was not difficult for me at all – on the contrary: I wanted the whole of Germany to know what a great fighter he was.”painted yasin his emotional state.

“Battle of the Reality Stars”, from April 13th, 2022, every Wednesday at 8:15 pm on RTLZWEI and in advance preview on Saturdays RTL+,

“Battle of the Reality Stars” Cast 2022
Yasin Mohamed, “Battle of the Reality Stars” contestant
“Battle of Reality Stars” 2022. Paco Herb and Yasin Mohamed in
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