Mysterious iPhone bug: FaceTime and iMessage suddenly disabled

Mysterious iPhone bug: FaceTime and iMessage suddenly disabled

Apple users are currently reporting an error on the web that affects iMessage and FaceTime. Accordingly, until you register a new SIM card or eSIM, both functions are deactivated. Fortunately, for users in Germany that has been quite clear for some time.

  • eSIM bug iphone Suddenly disables iMessage and FaceTime
  • Solution requires activation of a new SIM / eSIM

The error became known to the wider public after it was discovered by bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman elaborated on Twitter became. According to Gurman, the problem can be solved only by visiting the official shop of the mobile operator concerned and activating the physical SIM card. Other reports said that removing and resetting the eSIM card also fixed the problem.

Various iPhone models seem to be affected by the eSIM problem / © NextPit

Journalist experienced a mistake with a T-Mobile TariffsBut reactions to his post on Twitter suggest that the same problem is affecting AT&T and Verizon customers and prepaid provider Lyca Mobile, as well as phone lines in India (Airtel), the UK (Vodafone), Poland and Italy. Was.

Gurman reports that the bug is already there Previous version of iOS 15.4 at the same time Current Version 15.5 And 15.6 beta 1 is in development. Apple hasn’t officially confirmed the bug yet, but a Twitter comment says the company is aware of the issue and working on fixing it,

Have you ever experienced this error on a German iPhone? If yes, how did you solve the problem?

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