Chrome OS Flex Said To Revive Old Macs And PCs ›

Chrome OS Flex Said To Revive Old Macs And PCs ›

With chrome os flex Google wants to offer an easier way to install an offshoot of its cloud operating system, known as Chromebook computers, for Mac and Windows computers. Chrome OS Flex is initially available for interested users to test out as a pre-release version.

Google considers Chrome OS Flex ideal for use in businesses and educational institutions. The operating system can also be used with older Mac or Windows computers that become overwhelmed when using current versions of their native operating systems.

Chrome OS Flex’s cloud connection should not only ensure that computers start up quickly and allow high-performance work, but also ensure that the software used is always up-to-date and consistently secure. Computers can be managed through a central admin console and thus remotely as well. Google emphasizes that the built-in sandboxing technology makes the use of antivirus software unnecessary.

According to Google, the option offered by Chrome OS Flex to continue using older devices with a modern operating system is ultimately a solution not only to reduce the total cost of computer ownership, the extended service life can also reduce electrical bulkheads. and thus presents itself as an energy efficient and sustainable solution.

installation via usb stick

Installing Chrome OS Flex is very easy. Only a USB connection is required on the devices used, through which the Google operating system can be loaded onto individual computers from a bootable USB stick, which the user can easily create himself. According to Google, the entire process can be completed in a matter of minutes.

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Google has a list of the most popular web applications for Chrome OS published hereThere can certainly be limitations in individual cases with regard to the performance of the equipment used.

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