3 new features: WhatsApp brings more orders for group voice calls

3 new features: WhatsApp brings more orders for group voice calls

Group chats are confusing. And not just for text messages. It also comes alive when entertaining large groups. WhatsApp is now taking countermeasures with new features.

Mute participants, direct messages to other participants and notifications about joining: These three new features aim to make group conversations with WhatsApp more comfortable and organized. After all, with 32 potential participants that the messenger allows, it can quickly get chaotic.

Targeting others to mute may be useful, for example, if disruptive background noise can be heard from one or more participants during a group voice call. And the new messaging feature allows you to send instant and direct messages to others without missing any conversations in the group.

And what about banner notifications? If a new participant joins a group voice call, but cannot be seen on your screen due to the group size and limited display area, you will receive a banner notification stating “XY has joined the call”. So you can always be sure to know if anyone has joined – and who it is.

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