iPhone 13: New camera, better performance and more planned

iPhone 13: New camera, better performance and more planned

Anticipation is the greatest joy. The 2021 iPhone is in the initial blocks and should go into pre-production in a few weeks before it is announced by Apple in September or October. The company made major changes for the iPhone last year with the introduction of new designs, LiDAR scanners and the MagSafe feature, things should not be less exciting in 2021. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Via 9to5Mac) outside.

Lightning lives with iPhone 13

As the website 9to5Mac might infer from a message for investors, Apple does not plan to move away from the tried-and-tested Lightning connector, which has been in iPhone and iPad since 2012. The analyst makes it clear that we won’t get a USB-C iPhone without a connection this year or so. Above all, the lack of USB-C may attract critics as Apple has equipped all Macs and its accompanying iPad Pro and iPad Air and the standard is appearing in more and more areas.

iPhone 13: Size is maintained

Kuo has also claimed that despite the failure of the iPhone 12 Mini, Apple wants to stick to all four models and they will not be resized. However, reliable experts believe that Apple will give the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max a more efficient LTPO display. In this way, the basic and pro model will be better differentiated in the future. The technology should be able to dynamically increase the frame rate to 120 Hz in the same way as the iPad Pro.

Is Touch ID returning to the iPhone?

At least one believes that the user experience will be greatly improved. In addition, the camera cutout in the front may be slightly smaller, while Touch ID may also celebrate a comeback. According to him, it is not yet certain whether the fingerprint sensor will actually return. It may initially be located in the side button, such as on the iPad Air.

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iPhone 13: More battery, but heavier

Battery life plays an important role for many users. With the A14 Bionic built into the 5 nm process, the iPhone 12 was possible to extend battery life more. This year, the runtimes should be made thanks to a new processor and larger battery capabilities. To achieve this, they want to integrate the SIM card slot directly into the mainboard and also use Qualcomm’s new 5G modem. The X60M is also manufactured using the 5 nm process and is therefore more efficient than the iPhone 12 to 7 nm X55M modem.

Camera with small improvements

In terms of the camera, we can look forward to countless improvements, with the QO making it clear that the LiDAR scanner is still reserved for the Pro model. They should also get a better ultra wide camera. Apple has revised the lens for this, improving the aperture from f / 2.4 to f / 1.8 and also giving it an autofocus.

What do you understand by new information? Which feature do you look forward to the most? Tell us in the comments.

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