Brave and Guardian Connect Android Browser to VPN and Firewall

Brave and Guardian Connect Android Browser to VPN and Firewall

Browser provider Brave and VPN operator Guardian have joined forces to equip the smartphone version of the browser with new security features. Brave Android There is now an option to set up a VPN and firewall connection.

New security features were built into version 1.39 of the browser. noisy Ghacks The firewall and VPN service operated by Guardian aims to provide not only browser protection, but protection for the entire system. Similar to other browser developers like Opera Brave does not provide features for free. System-wide firewall and VPN protection cost less than $100 per year. Monthly subscription costs around $10. With a subscription, the services can be used on up to five devices. Of course, every smartphone must have a browser installed.

The VPN integrated into Brave not only masks a user’s IP address, but it also aims to make tracking more difficult and block advertising by encrypting traffic. So that Brave and Guardian do not even know the identities of connected users, identifiers are randomly selected and changed frequently.

Initially working only for Android

Initially, security features will be built into the Android browser only. However, Brave and Guardian plan to integrate the features into the desktop version of the browser later. A related update is to be given in the next few months.

Mobile Brave Edition requires Android 8 or newer builds of the Google operating system. can use browser google play store be downloaded. Since the rollout is still in progress, firewalls and VPNs may not be visible to all users yet. After this the work will be activated in the next few days.

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