Download iso image for may update released

Download iso image for may update released

Microsoft has released an ISO image of Windows 10 for the May 2021 update. The installation can be downloaded from the website and (mainly) used for new installations. As always, pictures are available in 32 and 64 bit. If you only want to get an update of an existing installation, you can get the May update for Windows 10 in another way: as before, there is an option to use Windows Update. However, not everyone gets to see the update immediately because – as it happened last time – it is given in stages. With him Windows 10 update assistant You can trigger the update immediately.

Many also use large updates as an opportunity to upgrade the installation, for which there are two ways. The mentioned ISO images are downloaded from Microsoft and must then be prepared for use on a medium. If you want to go this route, you will get instructions for the necessary steps immediately. Using Media creation tool. It is also downloaded, initialized and, after specifying the required parameters, the tool creates the required image as ISO or directly as a USB stick.

ISO image on bootable media

The most complex option is the one with the greatest freedom for experienced users: ISO images. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not make access to files easier for ordinary users. But with a trick it still works without receiving images from a third party.

  1. Start the browser and call the developer tool (Chrome via F12, Firefox via Ctrl + Shift + I)
  2. Visit microsoft Download Center And then change the user agent
  3. In Chrome, for example, via the Networks tab> Hamburger menu> More Tools> Network Status> User Agent
  4. An Android or iOS device can be used as a selection, as Microsoft then provides ISO files
  5. After the change reload the download center page and do your work via the dropdown menu now offered
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If you prefer, you can use an extension instead of the browser’s developer tools, which may be slightly more convenient to use.

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Once the ISO files are received, you won’t go too far with them at first, as you need the installation medium. For pure updates of the current installation, it is sufficient to include the ISO in the file explorer and start Setup.exe. For a new installation you will need to burn the ISO file to a data carrier with a burning program of your choice or, more modern, copy it to a bootable USB stick using a tool. This is where the tool can be used, e.g. Rufus One.

The image for Windows 10 21H1 is up to 5.8 GByte in size, depending on the bit version and language selection – an installation medium should be accordingly. Among other things, this means that the German 64-bit version with 5.4 GB no longer fits on single-layer DVDs. The USB stick should also not contain any important data, as these will be removed.

Installation images can be loaded into Rufus and after specifying some parameters such as BIOS or UEFI boot, the image is copied to a USB stick which is bootable without any further action. It can be booted when the computer is restarted (note the BIOS / UEFI settings) and you will have to reinstall. Based on the ISO image of Windows 10, users can also create their own installations with third-party tools (such as NT Lite) or are completely hand-woven to suit their needs.

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