Mars Rover Perseverance: First color photos show landing and surrounding area

Mars Rover Perseverance: First color photos show landing and surrounding area

First color picture of the surroundings

(Build: NASA / JPL-Caltech)

In the hours following a successful landing on Mars, NASA Rover has sent more photos to Earth, including a static image from the landing phase. Unlike the preceding curiosity, this time it was captured on video, but it still broadcasts on Earth. The preview now shows the rover as it hangs on the Decent Step which brings it safely to the surface. There are also two first color photographs of the immediate vicinity of the rover and a photo of the breaking parachute that was taken from the Mars reconnaissance orbit.

Firmness on your parachute (landing area is circled)

(Build: NASA / JPL-Caltech / University of Arizona)

Perseverance landed safely on Thursday shortly after arriving at the Red Planet. Everything apparently worked as the engineers had planned. First a braking parachute slowed the vehicle’s heavy speed, then the descent stage braking rocket slowed the rover’s running speed and deposited it to a point that the rover had autonomously selected. The fixture is now in the so-called Jezero Crater, where a long time ago there was probably a water basin. Landing NASA’s rover was more of a challenge than its predecessor, not only because the curiosity was too easy, but also because of the more difficult terrain at the Jazero crater.

As NASA now explains, Now preparing ahead to prepare the rover for the mission. The aim is to raise the instrument arm from where the first panoramic photographs of the area will be taken on Saturday. In addition, the transmitted data must be examined, the Rover software updated and various tests performed. Perseverance will serve as the first trial campaign in the weeks ahead. The US Space Agency states that it may take up to two months to land the Rover Ingenuity helicopter. And only then will the rover depart to begin exploring its territory.

Take a tire off

(Build: NASA / JPL-Caltech)


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