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Super Bullet Break

Only last month we were able to tell you about super bullet brake report a roguelite deck builder-game of Pcube, In the title you have a variety of anime girls named bullets, available to help you build your deck. When that’s done, you dispute them turn based combat, to save the online game from complete destruction. In a world of bullets, an AI went wild on these.

A total of 160 individual girls are waiting for you to collect. Although gacha mechanics are used, there are no micro-transactions. Today the development team announced that the game would be released 12. August Will be released for Nintendo Switch, among others. If you want to try out the title now, you can do so on your PC if you have a Steam account. you can find this link Here,

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Would you buy Super Bullet Brake?

reference: gematsu, YouTube (Pqube)

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