Kubiki jumps in favor of Schroder: Former chancellor is already on the ground

Kubiki jumps in favor of Schroder: Former chancellor is already on the ground

Of course, Wolfgang Kubiki is getting something behind his ears now when it comes to Gerhard Schröder. Then they say that this is enough, the former chancellor should not be humiliated. He was then stripped of his privileges by the Bundestag and he was hired by the Russian energy giant Rosneft.

Now Free Democrat Kubiki is good at open words and nonsense. He knows, so he calculates. But sometimes one has to: think about the thoughts of the other and speak them. Because that, in turn, can be good for self-assurance.

the sack is hit where the donkey is

And what Kubiki clearly wants to address is this: because we can’t get over Vladimir Putin, but want to cast our mistakes on someone, we take on his governor, the paladin, the lobbyists. The thesis is certainly open to challenge.

Yet, even cursing Schröder is free courage. Where there is a donkey, a sack is killed. Then: Schröder is moving away from Putin. who he thought was actually his friend. This is sad, its kind of insult.

Last but not least: Schröder was finally chancellor, constantly underestimating him to devalue what he stood for. So is there nothing in all of this? You can say so, of course. And yet an unpleasant feeling can creep in on you. Here one is lying on the ground and still being kicked. The former chancellor has long been a pariah.

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