Facebook exports to WordPress and Google Docs

Facebook exports to Wordpress and Google Docs

Facebook has expanded its export functions: users can now copy their posts to WordPress and Google Docs. With a “data portability tool” the group is meeting a demand from the competition watchdog.

Facebook export menu

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Since last year, Facebook users have been able to transfer their photos to Google Photos and Slovenian cloud provider Koofr. With the tool, common postings, videos and notes are now automatically encrypted and transferred to the new platform.

Related functions can be found in the settings of your own Facebook account, under the menu item “Your Facebook Information”. There you have to first identify yourself with your Facebook password and then log in on the platform which is to receive the information. The Jetpack plug-in must be installed for import into WordPress.

Data portability is a major requirement of competition watchdog and consumer advocates. The purpose of export functions is to ensure that users can cancel an account without losing access to their own data. However, such a change is not entirely without harm, as interactions with other Facebook users are yet to be transferred to the next platform.


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