La Romani: Twelve wines from 1865 – 1.76 million euros

La Romani: Twelve wines from 1865 - 1.76 million euros

When rare and used wines are auctioned Geneva Twelve wines from the French La Romani growing region achieved the equivalent of approximately 1.76 million euros. Grand Cru wines from Burgundy are “close to perfection”, Baggera Wines Auction House said at the auction on Sunday. In 1865 twelve bottles were filled.

Like other wines auctioned in Geneva, they come from Bouchard Pere et Phils winery. Overall, the auctions were Switzerland For 1819 bottles, 106 magnum bottles and one large xerobum bottle raised around 8.7 million euros. The wine was produced between 1862 and 2005.

The most expensive single bottle at the auction, a la Romani, was auctioned for 182,000 euros. Michael Gane, managing director of the auction house, praised the AFP news agency for the “impeccable address” of the French winery, which justifies such top prices.

Smallest Grand Cruise Area in Burgundy

With only around 3,600 bottles produced per year, this Grand Cruise in central France is the most sought after in the world. The only 0.85 hectare La Romani vineyard is the smallest Grand Cruise area in Burgundy and the smallest vineyard in the world that is allowed to label its wines with the Protective Seal of the Appellate Deorigine Controlly (AOC).

AOC requires, among other things, a continuous conventional production, and the material must come from a specific region. The designation Appelation d’Origine Contrôlée is considered a wine license To sell for a lot of money.

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