In construction game Zombie Cure Lab you cure brain eating zombies

In construction game Zombie Cure Lab you cure brain eating zombies

From Michael Miskulin ,
A global zombie outbreak has plunged the world into a zombie apocalypse at Zombie Cure Lab, and it’s up to an eager team of scientists to cure the zombies. To do this, the player takes over managing a team of scientists and builds a perfect laboratory. However, if he neglects to protect the laboratory, the premises can quickly become overwhelmed by his own corpse. We take a closer look at Germany’s weird evolution game.

As mind-eating zombies sweep the world in the Zombie Cure Lab, clever scientists find an antidote to reverse zombification. They even created hybrids of zombies and humans – shouldn’t you be able to use them somehow? So now the player has to build a perfect zombie healing station. With a starting team of scientists, the player cuts down trees to make space first. Walls and enclosures are then erected to protect the scientists. This is how you set up efficient production lines so that the zombie treatment can work like clockwork.

Zombie Cure Lab: Build Game & Lab Simulation

In Zombie Cure Lab, however, the player not only has to set up the lab, but also manage tasks. So you dispatch resource collectors, set up day and night shifts for scientists, and manage a total of four types of workers. You can also specify priorities to increase efficiency. Incidentally, the laboratory’s power supply must also be secure, otherwise a zombie catastrophe could quickly occur on the premises.

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As a scientist you also have to research new technologies in Zombie Cure Lab. It gives you new updates for higher quality content or new scientific instruments. Finally, new treatment methods for zombies may be discovered. To do this, you capture them with a freezing cannon and bring blocks of zombie ice to a treatment room. Hybrids of zombies and humans are the first to be created here – the “humby”. These humbies then help the player with the task as well. But if they lose their mood, there could be an outbreak of fury or zombie virus in the lab. so watch out!

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