Neymar Jr. to face PUBG Partners in PUBG: Battlegrounds Deston Rise event

Neymar Jr. to face PUBG Partners in PUBG: Battlegrounds Deston Rise event

soccer superstar Neymar Jr. will be part of a partnership with pubg: battlefield From crafton, Inc. Deston Rise will participate with his team in the livestream event on August 3rd from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. He and his team will use their skills against several other PUBG partners on the newly released Deston map. In addition to live streaming of the event official twitch channel From pubg: battlefield Neymar Jr. will participate in various on-site activities in Paris to influence certain rules of the Deston Rise event – ​​for example, what items Neymar Jr can use and what items or equipment can he use during other squad challenges. may or may not.

During the Deston Rise event, Neymar Jr. and his team will compete in two different challenges: “Neymar Jr.’s Squad vs Everyone: Lost Defense” for two matches and “PubG: Battlegrounds BR Match” for one match. During the challenges, Neymar Jr. will showcase his football skills and potentially change the course of the battles he faces. Below are the details of the challenges Neymar Jr faced during the event. More information about the event Here,

Neymar Jr’s Team Vs Everyone: Lodge’s Defense

In the first challenge, Neymar Jr.’s team competes against all the other players, with Neymar Jr. tasked with defending the point-of-interest (POI) lodge in Deston. The TPP will see Team Neymar Jr play the challenge against seven other PUBG partner teams. Neymar Jr.’s team is only allowed to loot in the lodge area, whose goal is simple: defend it. At least one team member must be alive. The challenge runs into two matches and the rules are as follows:

  • Neymar Jr and his team are only allowed to loot the lodge area.
  • All other partner streamers are allowed to loot elsewhere in Deston.
    • The only weapons allowed are – 1) Melee weapons,
      2) Crossbow and 3) Pistol.
    • Tactical gear, health and boost items can be used.
  • The Bluezone Lodge is centered around the area to be found.
  • There will be an on-site activity where Neymar Jr. can use a soccer goal to dispense desired weapons and items at the lodge.
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pubg: battlefield BR match

The second and final challenge becomes routine pubg: battlefield-Battle Royale Format – albeit with a twist. Neymar Jr.’s team and seven other PUBG partner teams will land in Deston for a game using the rules below:

  • Deston will only spawn Level 1 gear (helmet/backpack/vest).
  • With access to sandbox mode GM can manually give Neymar Jr. Level 3 gear as well as self-AED.
  • A Neymar Jr live soccer goal can be used to obstruct other PUBG partner teams (such as which weapons or items are not allowed or must be used).

During the live stream on the official pubg: battlefield-Twitch channel, viewers who follow the broadcast can win special prizes in raffles. The raffle will be run by Neymar Jr. pubg: battlefield to be done.

Deston Summer Tour

Also, the last week of Deston Summer Tour planning. PC and console gamers can take a screenshot or video of themselves posing on Deston in an area of ​​their choice. Players can then upload them to their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts, providing their in-game nickname, game platform, and “#DestonSummerTour”. 500 winners, randomly selected from submitted entries, will receive souvenirs: 1,000 G-COIN and a Deston Tour Spray.

, more information about pubg: battlefield is below And on official social media channels: youtube, Twitter, instagram, Facebook, Twitter And TIC Toc, More properties and press releases are in the official pubg: battleground press room Available.

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