“Nintendo Switch”: Livestream Announces for New Indie Games

"Nintendo Switch": Livestream Announces for New Indie Games

What’s new in terms of games for “Nintendo Switch”? Tomorrow we’ll find out, because then the next official “Indie World” takes place on the Nintendo YouTube channel. At the same time, the company announced that the “Nintendo Switch Lite” game console will also be available in “Blue” from May 7.

20 minute news about indie game

Nintendo will present the next “Indie World” tomorrow, Wednesday (April 14, 2021). For about 20 minutes, players are then given a preview of the new game which will soon be available for the “Nintendo Switch”. Unfortunately, this time too, it has not been announced which title it is actually about. Specifications and requests have been made. There is abundance of social media, the presentation will start on YouTube at 6 pm.

„Ninja Switch Light” in the blu

Meanwhile, there is also news on peace. On May 7, the “Nintendo Switch Light” will be launched in blue across Europe. Until now, the Lightweight was available only in colors such as coral, yellow, gray and turquoise. As always, all titles in the Nintendo Switch range that support handheld mode can be played on “Nintendo Switch Lite”.

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