Ubuntu Unity 22.04.1 LTS: Derivative gets the first “new” old desktop in 6 years

Ubuntu Unity 22.04.1 LTS: Derivat erhält ersten „neuen“ alten Desktop seit 6 Jahren

ubuntu unity, an unofficial derivative of the popular distribution Ubuntu from British Linux distributor Canonical, has now appeared alongside the “new” older desktop Unity 7.6 in version 22.04.1 LTS. Based on the famous substructure comes the latest Unity Used as desktop instead of Gnome 42.

Ubuntu Unity 22.04.1 LTS Unity 7.6 . continue with

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS still serves as the basis for Ubuntu Unity 22.04.1 LTS, as Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS has been delayed from a few days to August 11th due to a bug in the graphical installation routine. The LTS system kernel is Linux 5.15 and the base of support for five years is the same anyway. The biggest innovation is the “new” desktop Unity 7.6, the first major update in more than half a decade.

Ubuntu Unity 22.04.1 LTS with Unity 7.6 (Image: Unity)

In addition to better resource management – Unity 7.6 requires only 700 to 800 MB of RAM after fresh installation – official list release notes Modernization works especially on UI/UX, Launcher and HUD as well as the following innovations, optimizations and bug fixes:

Here are the changes I made in Unity 7.6:
  • The Dash (App Launcher) and HUD have been revamped for a modern and sleek look.
  • Added support for accent colors in Unity and Unity-Control-Center, and updated theme lists in Unity-Control-Center.
  • Fixed broken app info and ratings in dash preview.
  • The info panel in Unity-Control-Center has been updated.
  • Improved dash rounded corners.
  • Fixed the ‘Empty Trash’ button in the Dock (it now uses Nemo instead of Nautilus).
  • Migrated the entire Unity7 shell source code to GitLab and got it to compile on 22.04.
  • The design is much more flattering but retains the system-wide blur.
  • The Dock’s menus and tooltips have been given a more modern look.
  • Low graphics mode now works much better and dash is faster than ever.
  • RAM usage in Unity 7 is now slightly less, whereas in Ubuntu Unity 22.04 the RAM usage has come down to around 700-800 MB.
  • Fixed standalone testing of Unity7 launcher (this will help Unity7 contributors).
  • Buggy tests have been disabled and build time is very short (this will help Unity 7 contributors).

Unity 7.6 Release Notes

In particular the resource-saving user interface has been given a makeover and modernization. The last current version 7.5, which was also used for the most current unofficial Ubuntu derivative with Unity, Ubuntu Unity 22.04 LTS, was released with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (“Xenial Xerus”) on May 25, 2016.

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Refresh for unity lovers

Unity 7.6 is more of a Unity 7.5 refresh than the desktop remastered from the ground up, and is primarily aimed at users who still like the user interface for Ubuntu, first released in 2010.

Canonical, which used Unity as the default desktop from 2010 to 2017 from Ubuntu 10.10 (“Maverick Meerkat”) to Ubuntu 16.10 (“Yakety Yak”), eventually returned to Gnome, which now serves as the user interface. Is.

An existing installation of Ubuntu Unity can be updated with the following command from the console:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

On the other hand, the future of Unity Desktop should be ubiports Developed Unity 8 Desktop Environment (“Lomiri”).

Download Ubuntu Unity 22.04.1 LTS

About 3.5 gigabytes in size and on CPU architecture amd 64 customized system image Ubuntu Unity 22.04.1 LTS (ISO) Now available for download.

Officer Provides More Information siteWhereas the “Ark Technologies” YouTube channel, which specializes in Linux and open source, provides an impression in line with the old “new” desktop.

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