Prison Architect: With Green, players build their own self-sufficient prison

Prison Architect: With Green, players build their own self-sufficient prison

Paradox Interactive and Double XI today announced Prison Architect: Going Green, their prison management simulator, the next extension for Prison Architect. Going Green Management expands the gameplay mechanics and introduces the element of agriculture that allows prisoners to increase production and run self-sufficient prisons. Prison Architect: Going Green will be available on January 28 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Prison Architect: Going Green offers new ways to build an environmentally friendly prison. Players can cultivate the land, build green energy sources and equip their materials with sustainable materials. Shrewd prisoners seize the opportunity and will appropriately create contradictions according to the circumstances, adding to the challenge of keeping a prison under control.

Content of Going Green Extension at a glance:

  • The fruits of hard work:Agriculture introduces a new type of prison labor that enables prisons to grow potatoes, wheat, apples, and more. Production can be exported or used as an ingredient in prisoners’ food.
  • Room to grow:Three outdoor areas provide farming facilities: orchards, farms and vegetable farms. But that’s not all: Players can hire agricultural workers, build a pantry to store products, and build a shed for home farm items.
  • green thumb:Prisoners who enjoy the beauty of nature can grow flowers and other plants in their spare time. Gardening has a positive effect on prisoners and provides them with an attractive leisure activity.
  • To cook something:New contraptions come with new products. Prisoners can now secretly grow herbs in the fields and steal kitchen items. Space gangs can also become territories – so it’s better for players to keep their guard busy!
  • It does not get any greenery:The jails are made environmentally friendly with solar, wind and solar / wind hybrid power sources. The excess electricity generated by these permanent methods can be sold back to the grid with an electric export meter.
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Glasshouse, a free content update that is available to all Prison Architect players, will be released parallel to Going Green. Glasshouse introduces additional properties, quickrooms, community improvements and two new high-profile employees – K9 units Shepherd and Bowie Bandit. Prison directors can build a more durable gel with recycling systems and items such as recycling bins or solar lights. Players will enjoy additional item menu sorting methods and improvements to landfill and demolition equipment that have been requested by the community and will make the menu more intuitive in the future.

“Going Green continues the tradition of Prison Architect drawing on popular depictions of the prison from film, television and other media. This will be the third Prison Architect expansion since Paradox took over IP in 2019, and we can’t wait to see your new creations, ”Stacey McElvam, Product Manager Paradox Interactive for Prison Architect. “Glasshouse is also the starting point for many updates to the game’s user interface, starting with a dump and demolition tool to make it more user-friendly. We know this is something the community has been asking for a long time, and we want the players to know that their opinions have been heard. “

Interested parties may already include prison architects: Going Green in their Steam Wishlist via this link:

More information about Going Green and Prison Architect as well as Paradox Interactive can be found here

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