Eispiraten Crimmitschau: Little things and a big derby against foxes

Eispiraten Crimmitschau: Little things and a big derby against foxes

Creamitschau. Eispiraten Crimmitschau will fight again in two matches in DEL2 next weekend. While Saxanderby against Lausitzer Fuchs (8pm) is scheduled to take place on Friday, the West Saxons will meet the next top team of German ice hockey Lower House, Wolfie Freiburg (5pm) on Sunday. After a disappointing start in 2021, Krimiteshcher has decided to fight back with passion and mindset.


Heilbronner Falcain’s defeat was a bitter one. Therefore the sting against the Swabis is even deeper after 2: 5. Coach Mario Richer explains, “We didn’t play a bad game from afar, but we have to become more efficient and reduce the number of goals we want to achieve, focusing on what happens early, Will not be easy either. He said, ‘All the teams in this league are at the same level and do not share much of their potential. It is the small things that matter, ”says Amir.

The 55-year-old ice hockey coach from Canada had to hire his protection for the next Saxanderby this season next week. For the first time in the league, Richer competed with his Aespiraton against Lusitor Fuchsay of Wesweiser, who finished eighth in the table with 26 points from 19 games and thus ahead of West Saxony (24 points from 20 games) . Eleven wins against eight defeats. In their last three games, the East Saxons left the Ice as a loser. So on Friday, the two teams will meet at Sahnepark who want to free themselves from their small form lovers. Ultimately, Krimsteschauer was able to win only two of his last five matches.

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To travel to the logiters, the ice pirates must get everything they can and accept the derby. Especially since coach Corey Nielsen’s team can once again build on the big squad. Warns Richters that he has good players, a strong goalkeeper and support from some young DEL players. And while Eisbären Berlin’s young players should collect as much match practice as possible, top strikers Rylan Schwartz and Kale Kerbashian have already been able to knock out a few clubs this season. In addition, Goalie Mac Carruth is one of the best guardians in the league.

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