Bursted place in world championships? – local sports

Bursted place in world championships?  - local sports

Berstad/Frankfurt. Will the 2023 American Football World Cup also stop in Bursted? According to Burstedt Redskins communications chief Harry Frommeld, the chances are good – at least until the World Cup finals arrive in Hesse. “In the event that the final round takes place in Hesse, the association has already clearly informed us that we intend to host it,” Fremald announced in an interview with this editorial team.

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As hosts, American football players from TV Bursted will welcome a national team to their pitch next summer. After all, eight countries from five continents will participate in the World Cup – a coveted act. The hosts will be Germany, European champions Italy and European runners-up Sweden besides football powerhouse USA. The nation of the top league is the NFL three times and the reigning world champion (2007, 2011, 2015).

football world cup

The first Men’s Football World Cup was held in Italy in 1999. For comparison: the Ice Hockey World Championship has existed since 1920, the Football World Championship since 1930, and the Handball World Championship since 1938. A Women’s Football World Championship has also been held since 2010.

The Football World Cup increases every four years. Japan was the world champion in 1999 and 2003. USA won the World Cup trophy in 2007, 2011 and 2015. Germany participated three times. The three-time European champion was third in his own country in 2003 and in 2007, fifth in 2011.

For women Sweden (2010), Finland (2013) and Canada (2017) won. The Women’s World Cup will be held in Finland in 2022. cpa

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The 2019 World Cup, which was awarded to Australia in an (even) short time after years of controversies in the World Federation, was cancelled. In December, Germany was nominated by the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) to host the 2023 World Cup. Now the question is in which zone the final will be held. “Eight modern stadiums in Germany were included in the shortlist of potential venues during the application process. Which of these will be played in 2023 depends on where and in what combination optimal profiling conditions can be created during the target period, which is during the 2023 Bundesliga break,” the American Football Association Germany (USA) said. AFVD) tell the state of affairs.

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The American Football Association of Hesse (AFVH) had brought itself into the game as organizer before the World Cup. “With the Wiesbaden Brita Arena, the PSD Arena in Frankfurt, the Biebner Berg in Offenbach and the Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, we have several high quality stadiums in the vicinity. Transport connections, accommodation and training facilities are also optimal, at least in Hesse. Because of the very active American football clubs,” Robert Huber, who is president of the AFVD and AFVH at the same time, is quoted as saying on the state association’s website.

2003 in Hanau and Wiesbaden

In 2003, Germany hosted the second Men’s American Football World Cup. At that time it was played in Hanau and Wiesbaden. This time the AFVH’s desire is to have the Frankfurt Waldstadion – for the World Cup final – as a venue. According to Frommeld, stadium operator Eintracht Frankfurt has not yet made any commitments to the Hessian Football Association. The Bundesliga soccer club recently announced that it has received planning permission to expand the stadium to an additional 11,000 permanent venues. The start of construction is scheduled for late autumn. The extent to which this measure will have an impact on the Hessian World Cup is still open.

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