What is a Virtual Trainer Good for?

What is a Virtual Trainer Good for?
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featured , Apple Fitness+ in short test: What’s a virtual trainer good for?

Apple’s fitness service “Fitness+”, introduced a year ago, is also available in Germany for two weeks. We tried it out for you and summarized our impressions. – A report by Alexander Bergman

The basic requirement to use Apple Fitness+ is (unfortunately) that you have an Apple Watch. Then you will find Fitness+ in the famous fitness app; You will still need to download the fitness app from the AppStore on your iPad and AppleTV.

Various games available

Apple offers 11 sports: Meditation, Hit, Yoga, Core, Weight Training, Pilates, Dancing, Cycling, Treadmill, Rowing and Mindful Cool-Down.
Logical: “Time to Go,” during which you can follow a conversation with a prominent personality, is only available on the iPhone or Apple Watch.

intuitive interface

The app itself is well structured, on top you’ll find direct access to all sports, there are also various filters so you can search for exercises, for example with or without assistance. Don’t you ever have time for sports? It’s not always 45 minutes, just display smaller units of 5-10 minutes. In addition, Apple offers changing schedules, such as “weekends at core”.

apple fitness+-app-screenshot

apple fitness+-app-screenshot

But new workouts and meditation have also been placed prominently.
Apple also offers specially compiled lists for beginners and pregnant women with training sessions that even those who don’t like sports can get from couch to yoga mat.

Personal training units are designed to be extremely stylish, and stylish “fitness studios” were built for recording. Instructors know how to motivate you and explain each exercise in detail, especially in the beginner units. It’s also great that many trainings are “attended” by multiple trainers, which creates a nice group feeling.

Training on Apple Fitness + - Screenshot

Training on Apple Fitness + – Screenshot

It also happens that different trainers practice different levels of difficulty in each exercise, so that there really is something for everyone.

training in english

But there’s a problem: Unfortunately, Fitness+ is only available in English and can only be used with German subtitles. Basically it works well, the instructors speak English that’s easy to understand, just like we’re used to with Apple’s Keynotes. But it becomes difficult when you are lying on the mat and the trainer explains an exercise to you. It will take time to acquire English sports vocabulary; Or do you know the Hindi meaning of thigh?

Fitness+ can be tested for free for a month and then costs €9.99 per month or €79.99 per year. Also, Fitness+ is also included in the biggest package of Apple One.
How do you like Apple Fitness+ workouts? Share your impressions in the comments below the article.

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