“But it was the Olympics”: Wefalog clears the mysterious crash of ’88

"But it was the Olympics": Wefalog clears the mysterious crash of '88

“But it was Olympia”
Weflog clears up the mysterious crash of ’88

In 1988 Jens Weiflog travels to Canada as a favorite for the Olympic Ski Jumping Gold – but Weyflog crashes and becomes inexperienced on the 31st. The ski jumping statue in the GDR is punished for this. For 33 years, Weissflog has been silent about the reasons for bankruptcy, now an explanation.

33 years after finishing 31st at the Winter Olympics in Calgary, ski jumping veteran Jane Weinflog gave a reason. After falling during training at Banff, he went up the hill with a whiplash, Weifolg said “Zit Online”. “You last so long with pain that at some point you can hardly feel it. But it was the Olympics, you have high expectations for it. So I didn’t think:” Shit, my neck hurts Is and I hardly come. In my ski boot. ‘I still wanted to do everything I could do that day. “

Since the GDR jumpers in Calgary also suffered significant physical losses, they did not achieve the top spot. In the mid-eighties, Weinflog dominated the ski jumping scene with Finn Mattie Nycannon. Between 1984 and 1989, he won the Four Hills tournament twice and received eight World Championship medals. He traveled to Canada in 1984 from Sarajevo as an Olympic champion – and one of the least favorites for precious metals. But things fell apart, after 33 years it is now clear why.

At the time, Weissflog had to sit in the back row in a special aircraft on the return flight due to a medal left by order of GDR sports director Manfred Ewald. When the Olympic team was welcomed at the airport in Berlin, they also had to opt out.

Weiflog is one of the few ski jumpers who were able to win all major competitions in their sport without exception: in 1984 he won an Olympic gold medal for the GDR, with two golds from the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Germany. K returned to the Federal Republic. Medal. He has won the gold medal three times at the world championships and won the prestigious Four Hills tournament four times.

Weyflog’s famous status is not only based on his outstanding sporting successes. Weisflog prevailed around German reunification in two political systems – and also in two different flight systems, following the switch from the V-style parallel.

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