Chad: Military Council forms interim government after Idris Debbie Itano’s death

Chad: Military Council forms interim government after Idris Debbie Itano's death

Two weeks after the violent death of Idris Debbie Itno, the long-term president of the Military Council in Central African Piece of paper Formation of a transitional government. It includes several ministers in the Debbie cabinet. A spokesman for the military council made the announcement on state television late Sunday evening. Many military officers are also part of the new government, to be headed by Debbie Prime Minister Pahimi Padke Albert.

The opposition will hold three terms: Debbie’s popular rival Mahatam Ahmet Alhabo has been appointed Minister of Justice, with Lidi Besemada, Minister of Education and Cheri Mahatam Zenay, coming third in the presidential elections on April 11. The spokesperson of the three rebel groups now handles the foreign ministry.

Debbie came to power in a coup in 1990 and has since ruled the Central African country. According to official information, the 68-year-old died soon after winning a new presidential election after fighting with rebels in the north of the country. Near the border Libya Chad’s troops have been fighting for a long time with the rebel movement “Front for Change and Unity in Chad” (FACT).

Oil-rich, but poor as a beggar

The day after Debbie was killed, a military council took power in Chad. Debbie’s son Mahatam was appointed as the chairman of the military council, which also served as head of state. For the former colonial power France and Europe, the country is a militarily important partner in the Sahel region, which is threatened by several armed groups.

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Despite the rich oil reserves, Chad is one of the poorest countries in the world. According to world Bank 42 percent people live below the poverty line. On the international scale of development, the Central African country ranks third from last.

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