McDonald’s cucumber on the roof: Australian wishes luck for this art | news

McDonald's cucumber on the roof: Australian wishes luck for this art |  news

McDonald’s Pickles on the Roof ,

Aussie wishes luck for this Gaga art

Then bon appetit…

Artist Matthew Griffin, holding a McDonald’s cheeseburger, marches through a gallery in Auckland, New Zealand. There he took out the pickle and slapped the piece on the white ceiling.

No joke: Griffin now wants 10,000 New Zealand dollars for Gaga artwork called “Pickles” (in German: pickles) – the equivalent of a little over 6100 euros!

As is often the case with works of art, opinions differ on the meaning of the action. Some praise the “provocative gesture” which raises the question of what is of any value nowadays. Others just consider the blanket gossip numbers to be nonsense.

Australian wants 6,100 euros for a work of art

Photo: FineArtsSydney/Instagram

The cucumber should stick to the ceiling by Saturday (July 30). It is not known whether anyone is interested in the ketchup-smeared discs.

However, the chances aren’t bad enough to buy a McDonald’s bite: Italian Marizio Cattelan once hung a ripe banana in a gallery with tape. The fruit sold for US$120,000 (about 118,000 euros today), and was eaten by performance artist David Datuna.

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