FritzOS Labs 7.39: New FritzBox update fixes WLAN channels and filter lists

FritzOS Labs 7.39: New FritzBox update fixes WLAN channels and filter lists

Berlin-based IT company AVM is now distributing a new lab update to FritzOS 7.39. for various fritz box A revised online support was introduced, including, among other things, improvements to WLAN channels and a search function, with a DSL connection.

Owners of the FritzBox 7590, 7590 AX and 7530 can initiate the update to FritzOS 7.39 via the router’s user interface as usual, or by downloading the appropriate software manually through the AVM website. Similar adjustments for the company’s cable internet and LTE routers, which are also in the “lab” should also follow over the next few days.

The patch notes below include an updated “Help and About” section and the ability to manually configure WiFi channels regardless of maximum channel width. In addition, AVM announces improvements and bug fixes for WLAN and Internet filter lists, parts of the mesh menu, and when accepting incoming calls.

Since the lab version of FritzOS 7.39 of AVM is beta firmware, we recommend that you back up your personal Fritzbox settings before installing them. Users can find the respective option in the web interface of the router under the menu item System -> Backup -> Backup.

FRITZ!OS Improvements 7.39-98713/98714/98715


  • new:
    • Keyword search in Help available in the Help and About menu of the user interface


  • Improvement:
    • Filter list as editable list, list display and print view
    • Updated the layout of the lock page with parental controls (

wireless Internet access:

  • fixed:
    • WLAN/Mesh Repeater Page: Per-band Password and Encryption fields were offered
    • “WLAN/Security” page: When changing from “WPA2+WPA3” to “WPA2”, the “PMF” option could not be selected until “Apply” was clicked
    • When the WLAN band was disabled, the display of the WLAN channel display was not disabled
  • Improvement:
    • The DFS wait time is displayed based on the 20 MHz channel grid (page “Occupancy of WLAN / radio channels / WLAN radio channels”)
    • Manual configuration of WLAN channels independent of the maximum possible channel width (5 GHz band)
  • Amendment:
    • MAC filter lists are limited to 128 entries
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  • fixed:
    • Incoming calls sometimes can’t be accepted
    • Incorrect display of “LAN/WAN” connection in Overview of Telephony Equipment

home network:

  • fixed:
    • Fixed problems with removing network devices

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