The Kremlin is planning a summit between US President Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin

The Kremlin is planning a summit between US President Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin

Tensions between the US and Russia have intensified recently. US President Joe Biden has therefore proposed a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This can happen in a few weeks.

One of the following America Proposed summit between US President Joe Biden And their Russian colleagues Vladimir Putin Can according to Kremlin Take place in June. Yuri Ushakov, Putin’s foreign policy adviser, said on Sunday that plans for the meeting were already in progress. June was given as the duration of the meeting. “There are even specific dates,” Ushakov told state broadcaster Rosija-1.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also confirmed in the state broadcaster that Biden had offered the summit Moscow “Positively received” and “currently in progress”.

Against the backdrop of significant tension between Russia And among other things due to the escalation in the Ukraine conflict, Biden proposed a summit meeting with Putin in a third country in mid-April. The handling of the Russian opposition politician imprisoned by Moscow is currently causing a dispute between the two states Alexey Navalny.

Mutual restriction

Diplomatic tensions between Moscow and Washington had recently increased. The US expelled ten Russian diplomats and imposed new sanctions on Moscow due to alleged Russian interference in the presidential election campaign and a hacker attack, which was also blamed on Russia.

In response, Russia expelled ten US diplomats of its part from the country and banned entry on many representatives of the US government. A few days ago, US Ambassador to Moscow John Sullivan returned to Washington for consultation.

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Takes place in june Great britain The G7 summit is taking place. On Friday, the White House confirmed Biden’s participation in the meeting, as well as the EU summit in NATO and Brussels. The White House initially did not comment on whether Biden also wanted to try to have a summit meeting with Putin during his visit to Europe. Austria and Finland have offered themselves as potential host countries for such a meeting.

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