3 Tips for the Perfect Glow

3 Tips for the Perfect Glow

What is a highlighter?

is a highlighter makeup productsThe light reflected. Fine shimmering pigments reflect incident light and emphasize certain areas of the face. Not only does it make you look fresh and youthful, the emphasis is on the contrast and the face appears narrower. striking areas like cheekbones, nose bridge, center of forehead And chin, But be careful: Applying too much in the wrong places can quickly give you an unnatural glow. so use highlighter frugal And only use it selectively.

Also make sure you match the color of the highlighter skin complexion to accommodate. Silver-white hues suit cool skin tones, while warm skin tones work better with gold hues. I have a highlighter Powder form, stick or cream.

Below we present some tips and tricks you can use to create perfect highlights.

How to use highlighter correctly:

1. Highlighter on Cheekbones

cheekbones The most popular places to apply highlighter are because this is where the face naturally shines. To do this, wear the product upper cheekbones Feather. It makes you appear taller, enhances bone structure and creates a narrower face. However, to make the face look even better, don’t forget to do under the cheekbones One dark color to apply paint.

2. Highlighter on the Bridge of the Nose

If your nose shape is wide and you want to make your nose narrower, then highlighter is especially suitable for you. just wear some highlighter perpendicular to the bridge of the nose Feather. If you have a large nose, it is advisable to apply the shimmering product only to the tip of the nose.

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3. Highlighter for Fuller Lips

For a nice pout, apply a little highlighter on top of you Cupid’s bow (curved indentation in the middle of the upper lip). Highlighting this area helps to lift the lips, making them appear fuller and giving them a defined shape.

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