Microsoft unveils requirements for Android apps on Windows 11

After releasing the latest Windows 11 update and heroine The AppStore app in the Microsoft Store now has commented system requirements. who android apps to run on PC. must meet higher requirements than windows 11 only,

Even though it may not be possible to run Android apps on PC desktop via the new Windows 11 feature in Germany, there is interesting news. Because now it’s clear: There are some hardware requirements if using Android apps is to work (via windows latest) after the release of the Amazon AppStore and the Windows 11 KB5010414 Update in support area The website has a list of minimum requirements Published for the hardware used. The list also includes recommended requirements.

Microsoft’s Android Beta Support FAQ site lists the critical requirements that a device must meet in order for mobile apps to run properly.

double memory required

These requirements are higher than those for Windows 11 itself and are simply not the same. Therefore, the rules must be followed carefully. Specifically, you’ll need a device running Windows 11 version 21H2 or newer, at least 8GB of RAM (as opposed to the 4GB required for Windows 11), and a processor that’s officially supported by Microsoft. Also, the Platform feature for the virtual machine must be enabled in the Windows Optional Features page and in the Settings app.

Then you need an Amazon account for the Amazon AppStore itself. After the testing phase, Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Android has been launched for users in the United States only. It is not yet known when the opportunity will come in Europe as well.

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