Tried new features and shared API details with you

Tried new features and shared API details with you
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Operating System , iMessage in iOS 16 and Co.: Tried New Features and Details on the “Shared With You” API

At WWDC 2022, Apple announced some exciting innovations for iMessage. In this article we will tell you what they are and how they work. We’ll also briefly explain how the new API for Share works with you.

Other chat apps have long had functions such as deleting or editing messages after they have been sent. However, until now, someone has found something like this in vain in the News app. That changed with iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura, the new operating systems not only bringing the mentioned features to iMessages, but a lot more.

In addition, Apple introduced an entirely new API for apps to offer shared content in “Shared for You.”

iMessage in iOS 16 and Company: New Features in Action

iMessage in iOS 16 and company brings the ability to delete and edit sent items. Both options can be found in the context menu of the message. If you click the Edit button, the speech bubble turns into a text field in which corrections can be made. If you delete a message, it disappears with an explosion animation.

Edit iMessage iOS 16

delete iMessage iOS 16

Many are probably familiar with the situation when you open a chat, can’t react to it right away and forget to come back to it later. This is because until now there was no way to mark a conversation as unread. From now on it works very well, you can downgrade a chat as unread either through the respective context menu or via swipe gesture.

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iMessage iOS 16 Unread

Last but not least, SharePlay moved to iMessage. So you no longer need to initiate a FaceTime call to watch content from apps simultaneously. A new session can be started through the context menu of a piece of music in the Music app. Then all you have to do is find a contact and press the “Message” button. In our testing, though, there was still a misstep that Apple will probably iron out in one of the next betas.

It’s also important to note that the features just mentioned only work with people who are using the beta.

API to share with you

Last year, Apple shared with you. This means that all movies and series shared by a contact via iMessage are displayed in a separate area in the TV app. This interface is WWDC 2022 . was also presented as part of open to other developers, For example, it is now possible for a user of a comic app that supports “Shared With You” to share a story with another user via iMessage. He then views the shared comic in a separate section in the app.

Apple provides three different tools to implement the functionality. SWHighlightCenter Returns all shared content of the app as a SWHighlight object. Also there is SWAttributionView, which is a small display that shows the sender of a piece of content or a group to which something was sent. There are two requirements to be able to use the new API. An app must have “share with you” capability and be able to process universal links.

Detailed implementation details can be found in This session of Apple,

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