iPhones soon without WhatsApp? Popular messenger threatened to be kicked out of the App Store

iPhones soon without WhatsApp?  Popular messenger threatened to be kicked out of the App Store

WhatsApp created a stir among users a few months ago with the announcement of new terms and conditions. Initially, there was also talk of users being unable to use Messenger, but developers now plan to gradually restrict the works if the terms and conditions are not approved – possibly even in Germany. From next month.

Now like AppleScoop DiscoveredThis may have far-reaching consequences for the iPhone or iPad owner: Accordingly, functional restrictions on WhatsApp violate Apple App Store guidelines, which may prohibit the iPhone manufacturer from popular messenger in the long run. Store.

Voucher of whatsapp sim in may 2021

Do the new terms and conditions of WhatsApp violate Apple’s guidelines? This is what the iPhone manufacturer says

WhatsApp: Will iPhone Owners Quit Using Messenger Apps In Future?

The piece

In the Apple Guidelines, it states:

“Apps should allow users to use the features they pay for, without posting to social media, uploading contacts, or logging in to a dedicated number in the app. Apps shouldn’t even require it.” To rate or write app reviews, watch videos, download other apps, click on ads, activate tracking or similar actions so that users can access the full functionality, content, use the app Or access monetary or other compensation. Gift card and voucher code. “

As a result, Apple’s WhatsApp plans can be classified as a violation of the guidelines, which may eventually result in the Messenger app being removed from the App Store.

In this case, however, it is unclear whether Apple’s guidelines refer only to paid apps or free apps, including WhatsApp. The guidelines clearly refer to actions for which users have “paid”.

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