Download: Microsoft Windows 11 Now Available

Download: Microsoft Windows 11 ist ab sofort verfügbar

Windows 11 will officially appear on October 5th, but this evening Microsoft made the Windows 11 ISO file, Windows 11 Media Creation Tool and Installation Assistant available for download. Anyone who wishes can use it to download and install the final Windows 11 build (22000.194) with immediate effect. but beware.

as an update, by iso or tool

Windows 11 is now available in four different ways. One of them is Windows Update, which for the time being should only show updates to certain systems in the manual update search. Microsoft offers three other options:

  1. Installation via an ISO file
  2. Installation using Windows 11 Installation Assistant
  3. Installation via Windows 11 Media Creation Tool (also creates a bootable USB stick)

This is build 22000.194, which is the position of the last Insider preview in the Release Preview channel.

getting there early is risky

Given the problems that major version updates of Windows 10 and the switch from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 can cause, users should think twice whether their own systems need to run through updates as quickly as possible.

With Windows Update, Microsoft will be delivering Windows 11 again in waves in the coming months. First of all, it is the turn of the already tested complete systems internally above all the famous notebooks. Despite internal tests and the public Windows Insider program, Windows 11 is likely to cause unknown problems in use on millions of PCs, which are not always isolated.

More information about Windows 11

Editors have published extensive reports and tests on Windows 11 over the past few weeks. They provide a lot of background knowledge on Windows 11, such as system requirements including TPM and CPU compatibility lists, their relationship to technologies such as virtualization-based security and new system performance.

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On Tuesday, just in time for the announced launch date, a more comprehensive benchmark article on Windows 11 will be published on ComputerBase.


  • 0.0 stars

    Windows 11 Installation Wizard supports installation of Windows 11 to 10.

    • Version 21H2 Build 1.4.19041.1285 deutsch
  • windows 11 iso

    3.7 stars

    Windows 11 ISO files can be used to create bootable installation media.

    • Version 21H2 (Build 2200.194) deutsch
  • Windows 11 Media Creation Tool

    5.0 stars

    Windows 11 Media Creation Tool creates a bootable USB stick or update Windows 10 to 11.

    • Version 21H2 (Build 2200.194) deutsch
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