Pokémon Tekken • Bandai Namco was allowed to develop the new Pokémon Snap due to Nintendo Connect

Pokémon Tekken • Bandai Namco was allowed to develop the new Pokémon Snap due to Nintendo Connect

Bandai is the main responsible developer of Namco New Pokémon Snap. Finally, some Pokémon fans wonder why Game Freak or any other company is not responsible for the title, which Harkie recently revealed to Suzuki IGN Explained in more detail. According to Suzaki, the partnership with The Pokémon Company is based on his work Pokémon Tekken Traced back.

In an interview with IGN, Haruki confirmed the director of Suzaki New Pokémon SnapBandai Namco’s efforts to deal with the Pokémon world with the Pokémon world New Pokémon Snap have led. However, HAL was also the developer of the lab origin. Pokémon SnapInvolved in the development of spiritual successors.

Pokémon Tekken Leveraging the strengths of Bandhai Namco’s studio, made Pokémon attractive in a new way, ”said Suzuki. He said, that’s why we were given a chance to work together again and that’s how it happened New Pokémon Snap. We could with the developers [des ursprünglichen Spiels] Speak up and the new project started with the participation of many people. “

I have an arena Pokémon Tekken Called Neos City, where you take your eyes off the battle for a moment, you can discover a much larger Pokémon world beyond the fray. Pokémon and humans walk along the road. There are shops, signs, vehicles and hoardings to indicate that Pokémon live and work together on people’s side. In another area, a Magikarp festival is in full swing, and in another, Pokémon and people rest in the town square, while your Pokémon fight another. A Woingenau lay comfortably on a bench in the background.

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With the attention to detail, after all, most of the time the fights in the foreground get more attention, it is not surprising why Bandai Namco began to develop New Pokémon Snap was commissioned. Pokémon are not shown as static figures in a battlefield, but are thought to be real living beings, which will now come into their own. Started from Pokémon Snap On Nintendo 64, over Pokémon Go And this Pokémon Detective PikachuThe film, The Pokémon Company, clearly wants to create a new world and connect more and more Pokémon with the real world. You look more vibrant.

How alive in pokemon New Pokémon Snap When they get across the beach, hide in caves or swim in the deep sea – you’ll know exclusively by April 30, 2021 Nintendo Switch!

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