Instead of package notifications, now this: This SMS steals your bank details

Instead of package notifications, now this: This SMS steals your bank details
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After the fake package notification, cyber criminals are now trying to get you a banking Trojan with a new fake SMS.

A new wave of spam SMS is brewing. (Source: BluMua/

  • After the fake package notification, now a new spam SMS era is going on.
  • She informs you about an alleged voicemail.
  • Instead of a voice message, you download a virus to your cell phone.

In the spring of 2021, a wave of spam hit Germany. users received through SMS Fake Package Notifications. Anyone who clicked on the link in the message inadvertently downloaded the Flubot Banking Trojan to their cell phone. It secretly stole your bank details.

Now a new dangerous SMS is in trend, which is feared to spread the virus again. It advertises a new voice message that you should be able to access via a link, the Belgian website writes. safonweb. The message is in English:

Dangerous SMS looks like this

[#W3Z4K] new voicemail link

fake news

We believe that there will be other language versions soon, such as with package SMS. If you receive a voice message or an SMS with a link to voicemail, we advise you to: do not click on the link. As long as you don’t click the link, there’s no danger!

Anyone who has already clicked on the link will know HereWhat to do to remove virus from phone.

this is how you protect yourself

Since messages are sent from unknown numbers, we recommend you to block SMS from contacts that are not saved in your address book. How to do it on Android phone and iPhone, you can read in the following instructions:

“Tip: Best VPN Providers for More Security and Data Protection

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