“Call up to ten hours a day”: BSC Süd 05 . hard squad planning in

"Call up to ten hours a day": BSC Süd 05 .  hard squad planning in

The top division soccer team BSC SUD 05 will start training again on Saturday at 10.30 am and 2 pm. The roster is not yet complete. On Saturday, however, it is already quite crowded, as six Test players have announced themselves. Coach Mario Block wants players to play a lot. Therefore, eight Test matches have already been scheduled. The peak of preparation is of course the home game against Regional League team Energy Cottbus on 3 July at 1 pm.


“The association’s decision has eluded us, putting a thick line through our team’s plan,” complains coach Mario Block. The sports court declared the vote invalid weeks later, but the damage was done. Players from the previous team such as André Marenin and probably Hafez Al-Ali had jumped due to the unclear situation and other candidates signed with other clubs in the meantime.

16 players are now part of the team. Matthew and Andrew Barcelona are still in Canada and are currently trying to get a return flight. There are still five players to be signed in the coming weeks. This is the minimum, as there are at least 36 point games awaiting BSC Süd 05 in the coming league season. There are also various state cup matches.

As with previous commitments, Coach Mario Block talks of two lucky breakers. There is an Eric Cease. The 19-year-old, who hails from Thuringia, played for Chemnitzer FC and two years ago moved to SV Babelsberg to play in the A-Youth Regionalliga. Regional league veteran Tim Stavecki is another stroke of luck. The 20-year-old is a resident of Rathenover and is on his way back home by Energy Cottbus. Hrachik Arajik Gevorgyan has confirmed his services in BSC Süd 05 with reservation. The Armenian midfielder is still expected to turn pro. “If it’s taken for granted, of course it’s gone,” Mario Block says.

“I talk to players from all over Germany for ten hours a day,” revealed Mario Block. Former Second Division player Thomas Franke was also a candidate. The former professional, who hails from the city of Brandenburg, actually ended his career, but negotiations took place nonetheless. But training in small amounts wasn’t a problem for Coach Block. Mario Block was also in contact with Rockenbach da Silva several times. “But it’s not affordable for us,” admits Mario Block. This also applies to many other players. If it’s all about the money, you just can’t keep up. Therefore, count on training opportunities and a good environment.

You are also looking for an assistant coach. Connie Weiland has the job for the time being, but in the future it will focus exclusively on the goalkeeper. The goal of the season is to eventually stay up. “We need at least 40 points for this,” says Mario Block.

June 27 at 12 noon: BSc Sud 05 – SG GeltowayJune 30, 6.45 pm: BSc Sud 05 – Sc Croatia
July 3, 1 p.m.: BSc Sud 05 – Energy Cottbus
July 15, 7 pm: BSc Sud 05 – SV Falkenty-Finkenkrug
July 21 at 6.30 pm: BSc Sud 05 – Werdner FC
July 25 at 1 pm: BSc Sud 05 – VFL Halle
July 29, 6.45 pm: FC Schönberg – BSc Süd 05
July 31 at 1 pm: SV Altlüdersdorf – BSc Süd 05

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