New details on Google’s top model – update duration possibly at iPhone level

New details on Google's top model - update duration possibly at iPhone level

Google is refreshing its Pixel range this year with an entirely new design and new cameras. At least this is indicated by an extensive leak on the Pixel 6 from a very serious source.

After that Google On your Pixel smartphone, just like before Pixel 5 (tested), which has chosen a mostly inconspicuous design in recent years, it seems the manufacturer is taking a new, less conservative design approach this year. Render images based on real photos published by well-known leaker John Prosser suggest an attractive design. Also, this year’s models are about to become “real” high-end devices and get a longer update period.

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro with new design and new cameras

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro should look like this. (Image: John Prosser; Submitted by Ian)

One of the most attractive design features of the upcoming Pixel 6 will be the rear camera element, which protrudes horizontally over the housing in the upper area and protrudes slightly. The camera hump is clearly distinguishable from the rest of the housing in terms of color as well: while the model captured in the rendered images was draped in pastel red tones at the back, the camera hump is black.

It remains to be seen whether the camera hump on the real model will actually protrude too far from the housing. It is possible that the transfer from the fed photos to the rendered images may be erroneous.

Another design change of the new model will apparently be the use of an in-display fingerprint sensor. This means that Google should once again say goodbye to the fingerprint sensor used in last year’s models. In 2019 Pixel models, Google has built a 3D scanner that can be used to face unlock devices like Apple’s iPhones.

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The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro should look like this. (Image: John Prosser; Submitted by Ian)

With the addition of the Pixel 6 and Pro to an expected larger model, Google is also saying goodbye to the camera sensors that have been in use for years. At least that’s what the thick camera hump suggests, and the third camera in the Pro model. Going by the processor, we can expect a 50-megapixel wide-angle, 48-megapixel telephoto and a twelve-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera in the Pro model. According to the leaker, the smaller non-Pro model doesn’t have a tele zoom lens, and the two other cameras are identical to the Pro version.

Proser is known to be a fairly reputable source, which has attracted attention over the past few months mainly through leaks in the Apple sphere, but it is always better to get further confirmation of authenticity from another source. Furthermore, it is not always correct. As with the Pixel 6, the design confirmation comes from another leaker with a decent hit rate: Max Weinbach, who appeared through a leak last year primarily with the iPhone 12, confirming the presence of the Pixel 6 model. is. However, the colors shown on the images provided need not be completely accurate.

Pixel 6: More about the device

Processor will be a More equipment details have arrived, according to which the smaller Pixel 6 codenamed “Oriol” will be sporting a 6.4-inch AMOLED display. The front camera resolves with eight megapixels and the battery is said to be 4,614 milliampere hours. In the case of main memory, the leaker specifies eight gigabytes, while in the case of flash memory you can choose between 128 or 256 gigabytes. According to Prosser, the larger Pixel 6 Pro code-named “Raven” sports a 6.71-inch P-OLED display made of plastic. According to the leaker, the selfie camera has twelve megapixels and the battery has a nominal output of 5,000 milliampere hours. The main memory is twelve gigabytes in size, with the internal memory being 128, 256 or 512 gigabytes in size, depending on the version.

With the Pixel 6 Pro, Google is celebrating a premiere, as it is the first time the manufacturer has installed triple cameras and more than eight gigabytes of RAM. In addition, devices must support both Wi-Fi 6E and 5G and be AER-certified – this is Google’s “Android Enterprise Recommended Program”.

sample google pixel 4a 5g google pixel 5
Operating System Android 12 Android 12 Android 11 (Update Secure to Android 12)
Display 6.4 inch AMOLED 6.71 P-OLED 6.0 Z, OLED, 2.340 x 1.080 pixels, 432 ppi, Always On, HDR, Corning Gorilla Glass 6, 90 Hz
Processor google whitechapel google whitechapel Snapdragon 765G
random access memory 8 GB 12 GB 8 GB LPDDR4-RAM
internal memory 128/256 GB (not expandable) 128/256/512 GB (not expandable) 128 GB (not expandable)
main camera dual camera:
50MP (Wide) + 12MP (Ultra Wide)
Triple Camera: 50 MP (Wide) + 48 MP (Tele) + 12 MP (Ultra Wide) dual cameras, 12.2 MP dual pixels, / 1.7, 1.4 µm, two-phase autofocus, optical and electronic image stabilization, 77 ° aperture; 16 MP Ultra Wide Angle, / 2.2, 1.0 µm, 107°
front camera 8 megapixels, / 2.0, 1.12 µm, fixed focus, 83 ° 12 mp 8 megapixels, / 2.0, 1.12 µm, fixed focus, 83 °
battery capacity 4.614mAh (Permanently Installed) 5,000 mAh (permanently installed) 4,080 mAh (Permanently Installed)
connectivity WiFi 6e, Dual-SIM, 5G WiFi 6e, Dual-SIM, 5G WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth v5.0 + LE, A2DP (HD-Codecs: AptX, AptX HD, LDAC), GPS, LTE Cat. 11, 5G, NFC
Dimensions TBA TBA 144,7 x 70,4 x 8.0 mm
weight TBA TBA 151 grams
colour’s TBA TBA Just Black, Sorta Sage (Grun)
Diverse TBA TBA Fingerprint Sensor, USB Type C (USB 3.1), Stereo Front Speakers, Titan M Security Module, 18W Fast Charger with USB-PD 2.0, IPX8, 18W Fast Charging, Wireless Charging, Reverse Charging
cost TBA TBA 613,15 Euro (UVP)*

Pixel 6 with Google’s own Whitechapel chip and 5 years of Android updates

Pixel 6 must be accompanied by a Pixel Watch. (image: John Prosser)

According to old leaks, there should be at least one other major change with the new design: the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will most likely appear without a Qualcomm processor. Instead, it is expected that Google Made its own chip, which goes round as Whitechapel and GS101.

With an in-house processor, Google can better coordinate hardware and software, just like Apple, and thus improve performance and runtime. In addition, it will be possible to substantially extend the period of Android updates, as Google will no longer rely on chip developers such as Qualcomm for development. So far, that’s at most three major Android updates, announced by Google and Qualcomm in December 2020. Up to four years for new chips. According to the sources at Pros, Google should extend the update period to Apple level and support its upcoming smartphones for another five years.

Even if five years sounds excellent, it is currently unclear whether devices will receive five guaranteed Android generations or four years of Android updates and another year of security patches or some other of the operating system and security updates. You will get the combination. However, it is becoming clear that Google is taking full advantage of the newly acquired control over the processor, which is supposed to be in the Pixel 6 models, and is bringing the update period to Apple level. With this, Google again outranks current update king Samsung, which promises three major Android updates and four or five years of security patches (for enterprise devices) for many of its models.

It will take some time before the new Pixel models are officially introduced. In recent years, Google unveiled its top models in the fall so that they could be delivered from the factory with the new Android version. there Android 12 Not published until late summer or autumn, we’re assuming a similar period again this year. However, it’s entirely possible that Google may already be giving us a glimpse of the new Pixel design.

Article updated July 9, 2021: New details on equipment and update period.

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