Rockstar apologizes for launch debacle with a gift • JPGAMES.DE

Rockstar apologizes for launch debacle with a gift • JPGAMES.DE

launch of Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Anything but successful. The game has many bugs, and the PC version was quite A few days after release, not fully playableBecause Rockstar Games Launcher was offline only. GTA Trilogy was offline when they were back online.

Rockstar Games, like a company called Blizzard, is a guarantee of quality for many, Pardon me myself today. They would like to provide an update today on “unforeseen technical issues” that “came to light” during publication. In other words: You didn’t see it coming like this.

At least someone would like to convince us. The statement continues, “First of all, we would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who got into problems while playing the game.” GTA series is very special for Rockstar as well as fans. Remasters will not have “a condition that matches our own quality standards” for release.

But improvement is visible. “We have a plan to address the technical issues and make every game better in the future,” promises Rockstar. With every further update, the aim is to “reach the quality you deserve”.

Sorry with a gift for the fans

The first patch should be out in the coming days. Still, fans are asked for “respectful and decent discourse”, especially on social media. The development team members were harassed there – of course it’s not possible.

But even Rockstar sees mistakes. The Classic Editions of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas for PC will soon be re-included “as a bundle” in the Rockstar Store. Earlier Older versions were removed from all stores, They’ll be returning only for PC and only in the Rockstar store – but at least. If you purchase the new trilogy in the Rockstar Store until June 30th, 2022, you’ll get the old games for free.

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