Shadow Warrior Makers Announces Open Beta for Robber Shooter •

Shadow Warrior Makers Announces Open Beta for Robber Shooter •

The makers of Shadow Warrior are working on a new robber shooter that will go into open beta in April.

Flying Wild Hog, creator of the mod shadow warriorGames, its upcoming robber shooter is in an open beta space crook declare.

The open beta will be playable through the Epic Games Store from April 20, 2022.

an important step

Flying Wild Hogs describes the open beta as a “significant step” in the development of the free-to-play title.

Space Punk is played from a top-down perspective and lets you hunt for loot. The title is designed as a live service game.

What’s new in Open Beta?

For the open beta, the makers promise revisions to the main gameplay loop, including system improvements for Get-a-Job and Craftron 2000, as well as new endgame content.

The latter is called “The Crack” and is “an endless experience set in the depths of a kind of black hole. Up to four players can dive together to explore the unknown and reach infinity”.

As mentioned, you can jump into the open beta starting April 20th, 2022.

At the same time, there are two Founders Packs available in the Epic Games Store. You can get the Show-Off Package for 23.99 Euros and the Prosperity Package for 39.99 Euros. Both come with various goodies, such as a battle pass for Season 1 of the open beta, character skins, and more.

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