AMD Adrenaline Version 22.7.1: With Higher OpenGL FPS, Noise Suppression and VRS Boost

AMD Adrenalin Edition 22.7.1: Mit mehr OpenGL-FPS, Noise Suppression und VRS-Boost

After a few weeks of “breaks”, AMD has provided a new driver with Adrenaline 22.7. With Swordsman Remake, a new game is backed up in a classic way, but other than that, a lot has happened.

Adrenaline 22.7.1 is a driver that promises a huge performance boost for OpenGL games. Radeon graphics cards sometimes have huge difficulties with APIs that are rarely used in games compared to Nvidia’s GPU counterparts, with the new driver this should no longer be the case.

According to the release notes, Minecraft with OpenGL should run 79 percent faster on the Radeon RX 6950 XT in Ultra HD with “brilliant settings” compared to Adrenaline 22.6.1. The Radeon RX 6400 is said to offer 75 percent higher FPS with the same quality settings. in one Blog entry by AMD Even Minecraft has up to 89 percent higher FPS on the Radeon RX 6950 XT and up to 92 percent higher with the Radeon RX 6800 XT. How the different values ​​came about is not clear, but both results are very high.

Even though AMD explicitly talks only of Minecraft, the improvements should have an impact on other OpenGL games as well. It is not clear whether the difference there is comparatively large, but it is quite possible.

OpenGL improvements with Adrenaline 22.7. amd,

Noise suppression made official after leak

A few days ago, AMD itself leaked a new Radeon feature called Noise Suppression, and now it’s official with Adrenaline 22.7. With the help of machine learning, the new feature can detect background noise from the microphone input, isolate it from the actual voice, and then remove it so that the recipient can only hear the voice as unchanged as possible. This not only works for your own microphone, but is also possible the other way around, i.e. noise suppression filters out the ambient noise of the transmitter when your PC is the receiver.

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amd noise suppression

Starting with Adrenaline 22.7.1, noise suppression can be enabled under the Audio & Video tab in the Radeon driver menu. The input and/or output device that is to be processed must be selected, after which games or programs such as teams are automatically filtered. The new feature is supported by either the Ryzen 5000G APU or the Radeon RX 6000 graphics card. The neural network is computed on the GPU’s FP32 ALU, possibly using deep learning instructions from RDNA 2 – but this is just speculation.

Radeon Boost and RSR will be revamped

In addition, Adrenaline 22.7.1 Radeon Boost VRS extends to Elden Ring, Resident Evil Village and Valorant, which use variable rate shading to enhance performance, in addition to the classic Radeon Boost behavior with lower render resolution.

Radeon Super Resolution now also works on Ryzen notebooks, which feature hybrid graphics in combination with the Radeon RX 5000 and Radeon RX 6000. RSR has also been improved in borderless full-screen mode, in which the render resolution can now be set in the driver menu. on one’s own.

In addition, the release notes for Adrenaline 22.7.1 speak of compatibility with Windows 11 22h2, and Microsoft Agility SDK releases 1.602 and 1.606 are also supported with shader models 6.7. new Vulkan Extensions are also included.

Adrenaline 22.7.1 can be downloaded from Computerbase as usual. More information about the fixed and still existing errors can be found in official release notes find.


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