Innovative IceGiant ProSiphon Elite Elite Cooler Now Available from Casing

Innovative IceGiant ProSiphon Elite Elite Cooler Now Available from Casing

Thermosyphon Cooling for High-End Systems 1 minute. Reading


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IceGiant-ProSiphon-ElitePicture: Casing

With immediate effect, Caseking is offering the new IceGiant ProSiphon Elite CPU Cooler. It uses a thermosyphon effect for cooling and also operates under heavy loads, for example with AMD’s thrippier CPU.

The Thermosyphon Effect is specifically designed for powerful high-end systems and is compatible with common sockets from Intel and AMD – also thanks to the larger contact surface Threadiper. The Procyphon Elite is equipped with four 120 millimeter PWM fans for huge cooling capacity, but the patented Prosipone technology is primarily responsible.

IceGiant ProSiphon Elite Cooler

Picture: Casing

It uses a thermosyphon effect, in which the cooling liquid is transmitted automatically in a closed circuit. A pump is not required with traditional water cooling. This means that there is no additional operating noise other than the fans, which should rotate to a maximum of 2,300 rpm and 32.2 dB (A).

IceGiant ProSiphon Elite CPU Cooler Now Available for 184.90 Euros Make a case available. Mounting kits for the consumer and HEDT processors from AMD and Intel are included, as is the thermal grizzly cryonat thermal paste.

Those : Make a case

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