New Warzone Bug – Now Operators Got It

New Warzone Bug - Now Operators Got It
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The list of bugs that Raven Software needs to fix in the upcoming mid-season update keeps getting longer and longer. Now it has caught the operator.

If there is a bug, the Warzone community will find it too. Your latest search is related to the flight distance of the operators.



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Fast, high, short?

The Warzone community can easily be described as a truffle pig for bugs. If there’s a bug somewhere in the game, they’ll find it and fix it. So now it happened again on reddit. The players tested the flight range of each operator on parachutes and got an amazing result.

Reddit user u/hn6 posted a post claiming that operators have different flight speeds. What in itself doesn’t seem particularly important has a direct impact on gameplay. If you fly fast, you hit the ground faster. As a result, operators can fly different distances, giving some advantages over others.

already tested

Of course, a video of COD specialist JGOD was not long in coming. The YouTuber Reddit was able to confirm the theory through various tests and encouraged players to try it out with others. So think carefully about which operator you choose for the next match. At the moment only Modern Warfare and Black Ops operators seem to be affected by the bug, but not Vanguard. Here are the already tested operators of Modern Warfare and Black Ops:

Airspeed 10.4 m/s = short parachute range:

  • Rose, Nikolai, Naga, Weaver, Wraith
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Flight speed 6.6 m/s = high parachute range:

  • Stone, Sims, Golem, Grinch, Krueger, Mil-Sim, Minotauri

The difference in ranges is caused by incorrect airspeed. Indeed, all operators should be included 6.6 m/s fly, but there are few 10.4 m/s, In this case the increased speed is negative, however, since players fall to the ground faster and therefore cannot fly as far. Depending on which operator you play with, distant goals may not be sent at the start of the round.

The developers haven’t commented on the bug yet, but we certainly hope that it will be fixed with the next update.

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