All information and suggestions about winter updates

All information and suggestions about winter updates

Along with a live stream, Capcom presented a large amount of content, which gamers can look forward to in the coming months. Which includes detailed information on upcoming characters, mechanics and updates.

The following information was provided in the Winter Update for Street Fighter V:

New Character: Dan Hibiki

Der mister des saccio: dan hibiki

© Capcom

With the winter update on February 22, the first character of the fifth content season will also appear: Dan Hibiki.

Dan’s special moves at first glance remind him of Shotokan characters like Ryu, Kane, and Akuma. He owns a fireball, Gadokan, and a big boss named Kopruke. However, their movements are much less controlled than those of more experienced fighters.

His arrogance does not seem to be influenced by his fierce fighting style. Mockery has always been part of Dan’s character recognition. Street Fighter V goes one step further and builds his V-skills around this property. V-Skill 1 allows Dan, for example, to cancel his moves with his tents and thus explore completely new combo routes.

On the other hand its V-triggers are more traditional. V-Trigger 1 is their strong fireball, Hao Gadokane, which can be charged and after a certain time, can break through an opponent’s block. Tenchi Saikyo no Kata, Dan’s V-Trigger 2, reinforces their regular fireball and uppercase. For example, the latter becomes completely invincible, making it a real dragon punch.

Hau Gadokane is Dan’s first V-trigger

© Capcom

In previous parts, Dan was always a kind of whip boy. His fighting skills were limited, his fireballs were small and he was able to stand out from the rest of the ranks, mainly through a crowd of taunts. It is based on the fact that he is a parody of the Art of Fighting character Ryo Sajaki was designed.

His Street Fighter V version ends. Everything we’ve seen Dan so far looks very interesting. Its ability to repel attacks using V-skills opens up entirely new possibilities. It will soon be seen whether Saikyo Master can hold his own against the rest of the Street Fighters.

New Mechanics: V-Shift

The upcoming balance update brings a new, defensive mechanic into play: V-Shift uses a block of your V-bar and allows your character to do an unqualified dash from behind. If you must avoid a move altogether, a slow motion effect is created that helps you punish your opponent. However, if you use V-shit without any attack, the action destroys your entire V-bar.

V-Shift allows you to avoid enemy attacks

© Capcom

Each character also has a V-shift brake. This is a follow up attack that you can do after a successful V-Shit.

Season Pass Bonus: Eleven

If you bought a season pass for the fifth season, you’ll get another character with the release of Dan: XI is a shapeshitter who transforms into a different, available character in every match. In the game he then behaves similarly to the original fighter, but retains his flashy look.

Turn into eleven other characters

© Capcom

Free for all: grid 2 and balance adjustments

Regardless of whether you purchased the Season Pass or Dan in person, you will definitely receive a free balance update on February 22. This includes adjustments for all characters and a V-Shift mechanic.

In addition, all players get another platform for free. The grid shows the old training level in a dark color with optional blue accents.

The new version of The Grid is much stronger by contrast

© Capcom

Bright future

Capcom insisted on this and offered a detailed preview of the next character in the released list: The rose will be available in the spring. You can already get a deeper insight into their new moves and their platform. One major innovation is his soul spark fireball, which he can now use in the air.

Soul Bind replaces Rose’s Soul Throw from older parts of the series

© Capcom

His V-Skill 1 produces Tarot cards daily, which gives him a strong influence and which he can use as a projectile. V-Skill 2 produces the soul satellite. A capability that was still an ultra-special move in Street Fighter IV, and was mastered Red Bull athlete Olivier “Luffy” O She was used to winning EVO with Rose in 2014.

Of course, Luffy is more than happy to get his character back.

Oro returns

The ending was a big surprise for fans. After the live stream is already finished, you can watch a short sequence in which the character Oro uses his Tengu Super Move. Connoisseurs have long wanted fighters who originally appeared in Street Fighter III: Third Strike Back. With this hint, Capcom confirms that the last character, season 5, is Oro.

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