Vanessa Herzog completed the 1,000-meter run in the eleventh, finishing 10th for Gabriel Odor in a massive debut

Vanessa Herzog completed the 1,000-meter run in the eleventh, finishing 10th for Gabriel Odor in a massive debut

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Also on Saturday, Austria’s speed skaters secured another top ten spot in the individual distance world championships In Heerenveen in the Netherlands.

Young star Gabriel Odor finished tenth in a spectacular collective debut, for which he easily qualified as runner-up in the semi-finals. Vanessa Herzog finished her season in eleventh over 1,000 meters. For Katrina Thien and Natalie Kershbaumayre, the semi-final collective debut was the final destination.

“It was a great race. I was well positioned in the finals from the beginning. Unfortunately, an opponent from Russia came my way in the final lap, but I was very happy to be in the top ten in the race for the first World Championship. I am satisfied today and very proud of my performance. The gold in the most recent event of the individual distance world championships, which had been on the program since 2015, went to American Joey Mantia, who became the world champion for the third time in his career in a collective debut. The silver was won by the Dutch title holder, Dutch Arjon Stratinga. The bronze went to European champion Bart Swings.

Gandha finished second in her semi-finals. Along with Russian Daniela Semerikov, he attacked early in the 16-lap race and quickly took a big lead over the chase. Both also sometimes lost the main field and made it the last undisputed. “We had a nose for the right time,” said Odor proudly, who coped well with the fast semi-final, as it turned out later. Because he looked very carefully while covering the finals in a very adorable way. Serinikov, who played the semi-finals in the semifinals, gave the title to the young Tyrolean off the slipstream of the swings. The odor had to rearrange itself and thus lost important meters. He finished eighth in the final sprint and therefore missed, which threw him back to tenth overall.

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Vanessa Herzog barely missed the top ten over 1,000 meters. The 25-year-old, who was runner-up at this distance two years ago, was not dissatisfied with his final race of the season. “Somehow it was a forgiving end to this season. I had planned two quick first laps and then somehow wanted to avoid the last lap. The start time was really good, even the fastest of the entire region. Even at the 600 meters I was still doing well, there was an expected drop in time on the final lap “, analyzed the 2019 Austrian player and said:” Still, this is my today in this season Thousands were the best out of the beginning. “US-American Brittany Bowe won the title in front of Dutch junta Leerdam and Russian Elisaveta Golubeva, who surprisingly completed the podium.

After more than two months in Dutch territory, Carinthian-Elect will return to his home country on Sunday. “I’m really waiting for the drive home now,” she admitted. With the World Cup podium, sixth in the European Sprint Championships and fifth and eleventh in the 500 and 1,000 meters at the World Championships, he once again underlined that he is one of the fastest ice skaters in the world.

Katrina Thien from Styria and Innsbruck-based Natalie Kersbaummayar made their debut in a red-white-red racing suit in the massive semi-finals. The two young athletes tried to use very different tactics to fight their way to the finals. Kerschbaummayr tried an early attack in his heat and wanted to score valuable points in the intermediate areas. “Unfortunately, they put me back on the final strait before the point sprint,” the 22-year-old said, “It was a tough run and I took a risk. It was a great experience for me, painful too. But I was very out of this race Take all the positive things. “

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Kerschbaummayr missed the jump to the finals shortly after, as only the top eight were promoted, in eleventh place in the semifinals. Styler, who surprisingly qualified for the World Cup with the first two World Cups of his career, kept in touch with the big favorites until the final. Thien only sprouted past the final in tenth place. “It was a great experience and you want more from it. It is a shame, of course, that it was so close. I would not have even dreamed of participating in the World Cup a few weeks ago, I am quite satisfied with it. The women’s collective was won by 22-year-old Dutchwoman Marijke Gronuwad, who went on to win in the final sprint, ahead of two of Canada’s top favorites, Ivan Blondin and Netherlands’s Irene Scouton. The men’s 1,000-meter journey was won by Kai Verbij of the Netherlands, ahead of Russian Pavel Kulijanikov and 500-meter world champion Laurent Dubruil of Canada.

For Kerschbaummayr and Thien as well, the world championships and seasons are over. Not yet for Odor, which is in action over 1,500m on Sunday at 1:30 pm. The young Tirolian there is still hoping for a quick time in the final round of speed skating winter.

1,000 m women:

1. Brittany Bowe (USA) 1: 14.128
2. Jatta Lardum (NED) 1: 14.672
3. Elisavetta Golubeva (RUS) 1: 14,848
11. Vanessa Herzog (Auto) 1: 16.457

Mass Start Men:
1. Joey Mantia (USA)
Arjan Strattinga (NED)
3. Bart Swing (BEL)
10. Gabriel Odor (AUT)

Beginning of women on a large scale:
1. Marijke Gronude (NED)
2. Ivan Blondin (CAN)
3. Irene Chouten (NED)

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1,000m Men:
1. Kai Verbiz (NED) 1: 08.052
2. Pavel Kulijanikov (RUS) 1: 08.313
3. Laurent Dubruil (CAN) 1: 08.569

Mass start semifinal 1 women:
1. Irene Chouten (NED)
2. Francesca Lolobrigida (ITA)
3. Valerie Maltes (CAN)
11. Natalie Kershbaumayar (AUT)

Mass start semi-final 2 women:
1. Marijke Gronude (NED)
2. Ivan Blondin (CAN)
3. Elisaivetta Golubeva (RUS)
10. Katharina Thien (AUT)

Mass Start Semi Final 1 Men:
1. Danila Semerikov (RUS)
2. Gabriel Odor (AUT)
3. Jordan Belchos (CAN)

Sunday 14 February 2021

1,500m women at 12:30
1,500m male (with Gabriel Smell) at 1.30pm
5,000 meters women at 2:30 p.m.
10,000 m men at 3:35 pm

Press release Austrian Speed ​​Skating Association


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