Shakespeare Frankfurt Youth Club lacks protected space

Shakespeare Frankfurt Youth Club lacks protected space

WithU try to develop a piece and then not be able to play it, which is an incredibly frustrating process even for professional actors. “It takes a dialogue with the world, with the audience,” Martina Droste says. Then what does this do to young people? Drosti, responsible for youth club and theater education in Schrostial Frankfurt, and his team have been guiding youth through the epidemic for a year. With digital workshops, with activities, dance training and, if anything possible, real encounters. Your experiences are trying to stay in touch digitally: mixed.

For example, ten young people with whom they like to participate in Bertolt Brecht’s “The Round Heads and the Point Heads or Reach and Rich” play or rounds. World Orders has decided against a digital premiere – at some point they want to show everyone on stage what the long work process has become. For this reason, a rehearsal recording will now be shown in the drama stream for a week, later the group will also stream the play for class performance and be available for discussion. The first attempt to go digital on a guest tour at Anne Frank Educational Institute was very good, says Droste.

Festival “Theater of Diversity”

A kick-off event for the new “Theater of Diversity” celebration in Hanau is also to be streamed on March 10 with a digital debate by “Rand oder Spitz”. Racism, discrimination and social change are the subject of the piece, which is partly digital, partly analog. “We tried to make the best of it,” Dorst looked back over the previous months. Youth who have contact through a project, who have already done analog work in the theater, are more closely involved. As in “Round or Pointed”, for which recordings were made, with all hygiene requirements.

“It takes a dialogue with the world, with the audience”: theater teacher Martina Droste leads the youth club in Frankfurtter Shakespeare.

Picture: Michael Kreutzer

If those who participate in the free offer stay – then reaching them is a great task. “The formats we chose were just different in the digital process. He acted in surprise, “Droste and initially the whole thing was also exciting, for example a postcard campaign in which quotes were sent to young people to work on themselves: with video clips, pictures, poems. But: “Many are not well equipped, no internet capability. This makes it more difficult to work. “On the other hand, schools are now relying on digital as well. Result: Many youth are tired because their daily rhythm is mixed. “You can do something digitally around the clock.” Offering even more digital offers is no longer attractive to young people.

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