Large-scale mergers in the Freiburg area are not happening everywhere

Large-scale mergers in the Freiburg area are not happening everywhere

The population of the Freiburg area is only partly behind a planned large community merger. Only three of the nine municipalities – including the city of Freiburg – put a fundamental yes in the ballot box on Sunday. Six parishes raised their voice against this.

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  • The three tributary communities Freiburg (74.1 percent yes), Marley (75.1 percent) and Belfox (96.9 percent) together have over 49,000 residents, but do not reach the minimum 50,000 set in law.

In November, the Constituent Assembly will deal with a Sunday advisory vote.

Avery (60.5 percent), Corminbouf (63.8 percent), Givisie’s (66.5 percent), Granges-Pacot (85 percent), Matern 83.7 percent) and Villar-sur-‘s group said no on Sunday. Gln (73.8 percent), which is the third largest municipality in the canton and has 12,000 inhabitants.

Sunday’s verdict doesn’t come as a surprise, but it doesn’t mean the end of the project. The advisory vote was about finding out what perimeter Grossfreiburg might one day surround. Further referendums are needed before any major mergers can be implemented.

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